Is this BG Monitor Good?

Our endocrinologist gave us a kit for our son. The meter is a Ascensia Contour by Bayer. After reading some other posts about the accuracy of various meters, I’d like opinions on this meter. My husband thinks I’m wasting my time as he feels the hospital would not give us junk. But I just want to be sure of it’s quality. TIA

I was sent one of those for free last year, along with strips. I used it and liked it and found that the results were comparable to my Lifescan meters, which is what I’ve been using for years. I know that Minimed uses the Contour meter for their pumps in countries outside the USA, and uses a Lifescan meter here.

I think it’s a good meter. Small sample size, fast results.

I think the contour is a great meter. I’ve used it a few times no issue’s. I have recommended the contour and the breeze to a lot of people. I haven’t heard any complaints.