Is this message from ADA appropriate?


This ad was spotted on a site that provides recipes and diabetes-friendly food tips. How do they plan to stop diabetes if their nutritional guidelines have not changed and keep including a lot of carbs? Also, nutrition is not the only factor here!


Maybe they mean together we can stop it from limiting us, or stop it from preventing us from living fulfilling lives.

I think those ideas would be very reasonable.

But one-size-fits-all nutrition is silly, no matter what.


I think they are addressing themselves exclusively to T2s. All the ads on the telly are selling T2 medications. T2s outnumber T1s by a huge number and are definitely a more worthwhile marketing target.


Not true - everyone should eat exactly like I do and they’ll be fine – just make sure I get to eat first :smile:


Nailed it, my friend, as usual…LOL…

That ad damn well better be aimed at T2s—and even we T2s don’t “Stop” our diabetes. We just put forth a sustained effort at controlling it through diet and exercise–or when that doesn’t work, we use life-saving meds, too

It is a disgusting, misleading, lying ad and it makes me very angry. Shame on the ADA!

So there—sorry about the Vent. Now—I am not at all sure how close we are to heading it off effectively. For one thing, some kind of gene-altering therapy would be needed for some types of T2. Plus lots of screening of those who are “pre-disposed” (supported financially to really work).

I am not up on the latest T1 science, but I suspect that this would be very misleading if applied to T1s.

At its best, it is misleading. First of all—what do they mean by “stop”. It is a very odd word choice!

Hey–the ad biz kept a roof over my head growing up and I can just hear my Dad’s voice going—“What”…“Huh?”… He hated non-clarity in advertising—“Know your target”…Write for your target…Etc…


The message does a profound disservice to type 1 patients, for whom there is absolutely no way to stop the disease, through nutrition or any other means. It is also utterly and absolutely inaccurate with respect to the current state of scientific knowledge of type 2 diabetes, which has also been found to genetically conditioned in part and to have an autoimmune aspect which naturally worsens the condition as time goes on. This ad could cause the ADA to lose its good reputation – if it had one to lose!

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I think the ADA has always been geared more for T2 than T1.

I mean way back, like 40 years ago, T2 was more “their” thing, and T1 was more the JDRF thing.

40 years ago, I remember JDRF was geared more for finding cures, and ADA was geared more for education.

And then when I figured out there wouldn’t be a cure, I lost track of them both, so I don’t know their current focus.

But a poster doesn’t affect me either way, so I don’t really care too much what their marketing people come up with.


It has, but along the way I feel they have done a VERY poor job of educating about ALL types of diabetes, teaching proper healthy habits and seeking for different ways to manage diabetes. For example see image below:


Why use scary tactics?

My husband and I were on the Miami Chapter Board, and to me it was incredible the lack of empathy towards families. Every single reunion was about fundraising, galas and social events. Nothing about community events or support!


ADA gets crapped on a lot. My own experience with ADA stems from many decades ago when ADA and JDRF were the source of any information. My diet advice was given to me based on MY OWN needs which were given based on my age, ability to follow, likes, dislikes, and most important the nutrition needed for my person. ADA still advises accordingly. I have never seen them promote a EAT THIS diet. Just walk away and STOP promoting them by BASHING them if you feel they are not helping. THAT is not appropriate in my opinion.


I know. We all get caught up in our cause, and forget to look at ourselves. The ADA is not our enemy. We would just like the ad clarified. Too much bashing on social media, which also promotes anger and fear.

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