Is this normal, or

am I messing up somehow? For a couple of months now, my BG for my once a day, morning test has been in the one-teens or one-twenties. Out of nowhere and without changing a thing. My readings have been in the one-forties.

It is not that unusual for BG readings to fluctuate as yours are doing. All diabetics will tell you, you can eat the same thing everyday and your results will be different. You should test more and get a better view of your BG numbers. Just once a day, and at the same time may not give you a true picture of your BG readings.
P.S, I love the pics of your dogs.

I have some ideas and suggestions for you.

  1. Since you’re testing only in the morning, it may be that you’ve eaten before bedtime or been eating something with a lot of fat in the evening that prolongs absorption. Your body is not taking care of it overnight! Maybe it isn’t other times as well. Write down what you’re eating at meals and the # carb grams & fat in the supper meal and after supper if you’re a bedtime eater.
  2. Since you’re picking this up in the morning, write that test result down, and make room to write down test results for before AND 1-2 hours after a meal-a-day. Start with the biggest meals of your day. Keep your record for a week. If you find other “above 120” results, find a good endocrinologist. I know it costs money to test, but the endo can determine what to do when you provide records and he/she does some tests based on what you bring him/her. And yes, even retired people get surprised sometimes! I know!
  3. Send my dog back! We have one just like the right-hand one in your photo.

That’s Rocky. Today is his three year anniversary of living with us. Rambo is the bigger one. His three year anniversary will be in four days. Rambo was rescue I’d already made arrangements for. I wouldn’t have picked the name but he was three. The groomer told us about a pup that was about to be put down. The little guy is blind in one eye since birth. The breeder couldn’t use him… So, I went, just to take a look. He took over my heart. The #%*@ breeder took my money to keep him from dying the next day. Couldn’t come up with a name for him so Rambo set the pace I guess.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions. Earlier I was wondering about fat. I’m not a night eater and try to take the Metformin and do my testing at the same times everyday. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out that way. I do my best to keep a twelve hour fast before testing. Sometimes it’s longer.

Thanks for all the input guys. You’re all the greatest. I feel safer, somehow with this community. All y’all are sure better for me than my PCP.

I’d love to be able to test more often. Truth is, I can’t afford to, financially that is. I’m hoping once I get an Endo involved in my care. That will change. MY PCP is going strictly by medicare protocol. One test a day for non insulin using diabetics.

If you can only test once a day, try varying the times, before/after meals, morning, bedtime. After a few days it will give you a better look without spending more money.

Great numbers there Judith. Thanks for the tip of testing at different times. I’ll check the book out. Luckily for me. I’ve never been a big bread or desert kind of guy. Pasta’s another story. ; > ) What gets me are the veggies. Was really surprised how many carbs some have. Keep up the great work!

Good advice from you and Judith. Being new to this, I think I’m too compliant. The Dr. said first thing in the morning so I have. That’s not really like me. Thank you.

Thanks for the headsup Tom. I’ll check that out tomorrow.

Another inexpensive meter, which is supposed to be more accurate that most of the other meters at a similar price is the Maxima meter. You can read a review about it here. It is a simple, accurate meter (which means as accurate as the “good” meters = +/- 20%) with no bells and whistles. My dad uses it and likes it. I think that it is only available through mail order though (click here for the meter and here for the strips).

Thank you for the links ladies. I didn’t know about these affordable supplies. The kit and strips and lancets I got with the RX were around $300.00. I’ve refilled the strips and lancets but haven’t received the medicare breakdown for them yet.

Apparently I do need to test more. With my one a day testing up until now. I have no idea what post meal numbers are. I’ll post back when I begin testing more. Thank you.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am to this site and all of you who have replied to my posts.

In this case Tom especially. I do think I have priorities right Tom. I’m fortunate enough to have access to an internet connection. I’m not paying for it though. If not for your post and suggestion. I would have no idea how cost effectively anybody can check their BG levels. All I had to go by was a pharmacist telling me first that my insurance would not cover the meter and the supplies for testing. That it was very expensive and to go to a home medical supply store. I did that they took my RX. The bill for the kit, 100 strips and 100 lancets was near or over $300.00. That’s a three month supply as far as Medicare and Medicaid is concerned.

Today, I went to Walmart. The Relion kit, 100 test strips and 100 lancets was Just under $60.00.

I’m really impressed with the meter. It stores more information than the other one. It also offers more options than the first meter does. 100 lancets are only $3.49. 50 Test strips are only $20.00. The kit I chose was $12,00. It all blew my mind thinking it would cost a hundred dollars or more a month.

A review I read about the Relion really sold me. A lady got the same first supplies I did through Medicare. She wanted to test more and tried the Relion. She tested with both at the same time with a 20 point difference between them.

Took them both to her doctor. They tested her then used hers. The big name brand was way off their findings. The Relion, was only a couple of points different. That was good enough for me to give it a go.

Thank you again Tom and everybody else. In about 45 minutes. I’ll be doing my first after dinner test. I was 144 this morning before breakfast.

Well, last night when I did the post meal reading. It had gone from 144 in the morning to 165. Yet this morning when I did my pre food reading it was back down to 123. I set up the new meter. Took a reading. It was very revealing. I’ve been having four pieces of hersheys dark chocolate for a couple of years now. The recommended amount is five. It’s one of those large candy bars.

It was only about an hour after having it that I tested. I went from 123 to 163. Before I get yelled at for not knowing better. Now that I have that information. I’ve decided the benefits of dark chocolate. Aren’t worth what it does to my BG levels.

Haven’t had breakfast yet but intend to check again two hours after I do.

Cool, I waited two hours after breakfast. Which was two fried eggs with cheese on them and half of an orange. The reading was 94. I’m also back to feeling more energetic unlike the past couple of days.

I took the lisinopril and neurontin (possible drowsiness ) meds at bedtime instead of in the morning with the rest of my meds.

Good idea. Of course I went the all or nothing route. Not the best one in most cases. I should know better.

Something new learned again. I’ve been using them once then tossing them. Sheesh, this sure is a brave new world experience. Thank you for the suggestion.

You might want to look at when you ate the previous evening. I find if I eat later say 8:00 PM or so, it is higher in the morning than if I eat at say5:30 or 6:00 PM.

You can also look into getting the Acu-Check Aviva for free from their site… not too sure if they’re still giving them away though.

Not one of my favorite meters, but it’s great backup if i burn through my monthely supply of Freestyle Strips (at almost $70 a bottle).

You can get the benefits of dark chocolate by mixing (high quality) cocoa powder into plain yogurt with some sweetner. It’s a low carb chocolate pudding :slight_smile: