Is this REALLY happening?

Yesterday was one of the scariest days of my life. It began as any normal day, just hanging out at home with Jake and the kids. Jude’s BG was running pretty high so, at about 8PM, Jake and I decided to change out his inset. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s the little catheter that is implanted right under Jude’s skin that helps to give him insulin. His BG at the time was around 400. His target BG is 200. We bolused him the suggested amount and went about our business watching Jersey Shore and such. I gave him some sugar free Kool-aid to help expedite the process of bringing his sugar down. He fell asleep on the couch at about 9:30, I guess he wasn’t impressed by the shenanigans of the JS crew. He typically goes to bed at about 11 pm. I know that’s late for a little guy but as much as we have tried to change his sleep schedule, he won’t have it. I moved him to the bed. At about 10:15, he woke up screaming. Jake went to the bedroom to check on him and I went to get him some milk. Jake checked his BG. It was 35. Not good. I started to give him his milk when I noticed it. The twitching. He drank every drop of milk. Jake checked his sugar again. 24. Even worse. Some of you may not know that testing a blood sugar is not 100% accurate. The test strips can actually be off by 20mgs or so. This means that Jude’s sugar could have actually been in the single digits. This is where I become terrified. The twitching becomes worse. I tell Jake how freaked out I am. Go get him a coke!! Jake maintains calm and collected, of course. I’m balling like a baby. So is Jude. Still twitching. Arms and legs tensing up. The only way I can really explain it is like this. You know what your reaction is when someone scares you? You jump, fllinch, tense up. That’s what it looked like, Someone was scaring my baby. We turn him on his side and pour coke in his mouth with a bottle. Sugarr check again. Coming up, but too slowly for me. I went to the kitchen and got some cake gel (the stuff you use to do writing on a cake). Pick his little, jolting body up and squirt it in his mouth. He stares at the ceiling. but is receptive to the gel. Suage check. 125. Whew. I whisper to him that everything is going to be okay. He has a little more coke, a little more gel. The spasms stop. I ask him if he wants his daddy to sit with us. He said NO. Ahhh, finally, my little boy is back. For the next 30 minutes, his sugar begins to climb and he talks non-stop as we watch the Incredibles. Sugar rush! After all this, he wants Cheezits and a banana.He doesn’t even remember much that happened. He did tell me he saw Lightning McQueen in the closet and that he (LM) scared the cat. Hallucination or the active imagination of a 2 year old? Guess I’ll never know for sure. I’m not going to just come out and say that Jude had his first diabetic seizure for sure because I’m not a medical professional (although I feel like I should be sometimes), but if I had to put it all together, I would say that he did. Hopefully it will be his last. I pray that this was something that no parent would ever have to deal with. I feel helpless enough in the fact that I can’t do anything about my 2 year old being diabetic, this whole incident just added insult to injury. I try my best to prevent anything from causing harm to my son but as you can see, diabetes will never be completely controlled until there is a cure.

I am glad he is okay, very scary for all. I hope for a cure too, mostly for the little ones like your son. You are a wonderful mother. wishing your family well and good bloodsugars. xo

Oh dear, to Jude’s Mommy:( my goodness as I read the whole thing it scared me so bad. There is nothing like trying to get BS back up…and for a child of your own, and seeing them like this is so frightening…

I hope he never has one again, but the sad truth is, he will…we all do. I had one this am, and it took pepsi and 5 glucose tabs and more pepsi to get me to 82. then the rest of the day I ached all over. Its just good it wakes him up,

Just remember your a very devoted Mom and stronge one too:) tears are fine, we have love for our babys, and we all hate to see them in a scary life threatening way… Also bless your hubby for staying so calm:) that is really a gift…

I wish so bad there was a cure, I hate to see little ones with this Disease, it is crewl…
But you all take care, and keep doing the good your doing:) your son will some day understand your undieing Love for him:) Debbie

Thanks, guys.

Your blog make me shake with fear for you and your son, like watching a scary movie, only worse, maybe because I woke up screaming for help last night with a bg of 24. And 'm a grown-■■■ woman!
I think about the babies and children with this ALL the time, and you their mothers, and their fathers.
You summed it up…until there is a cure.