Is this the Honeymoon Phase or WHAT? Im going rollercoaster riding; and would like to get off... :(

Im recently out of the Hospital,

I ve have recently undergone surgery on my Jaw and been placed on IV antibiotics( which Ive been on for almost a month now,, as a result of a serious bacterial infection which they determined to be a Straph infection.. well as a result I was taking extra insulin due to the infection in my body.. I increased my long lasting insulin by 10 units in the morning, and 10 units at night which seemed to stabilized my sugars, keeping them in the 120-180 rANGE which is ok by me, since being discharged from the hosptial, and now Im bottoming out like crazy, Ive done nothing drastic to my diet, still eating healthy, and moderate meals spaced the way Ive always spaced them, and a few hours after i eat , Im low again and again, after meals, bedtime , so Ive now decreased my insulin across the board, since my sugars are going the complete opposite way IM now only taking 25 units of Nph, a s apposed to 38 in both the am and Pm I was taking Humalog on a sliding scale, depending on what I would input carb wise, have also cut out Humalog completely which is strange because for me to maintain normal blood sugars I usually take between 8-12 units of humalog for every 30 grams of carbs give or take a few units depending on fiber count and such, plus a base of 30 units NPh ... so I now Im just using Nph now down to 25 units of that with no humalog meal time, and still experiencing lows a few hours after dinner, and i have had diabetes for 26 years never experiencing anything like this,not even reomtely close.. Is this the honeymoon phase as Ive heard of it happening , Im ready to wake up tomorrow morning, and not take any insulin, or maybe just 10 units of Nph I could really use a little feedback



Hi Adam, I’m not sure if I can provide any insight, but I’ll just throw a few ideas at the wall to see what sticks.

It sounds like you are taking too much NPH, which might be enough to cover the food you’re eating. It could be that your insulin sensitivity is greater than before the surgery/antibiotics, which could also account for the lows. NPH does peak some time after you take it, so it could account for those post-meal lows. I don’t believe that the intention of NPH is to cover your meals, but merely be used as a basal/background. So if you find that you don’t need Humalog for your meals, that also suggests that you may be using too much NPH.

This does sound like a legit question for your endo, sooner rather than later, to figure out what’s going on.

Hey Adam,

I’ve been on antibiotics for 10 days for a sinus infection. The antibiotics caused severe hypoglycemia. I had no idea this would happen, wasn’t told by my doc this was a possibility. I started a discussion here about this & others experienced the same from antibiotics. This may be what you’re also experiencing. Takes a while for antibiotics to leave our bodies.

Hope you don’t me asking why you’re on NPH. It’s such a difficult insulin to control.