Is tidepool working?

Mine hasn’t uploaded data since August 11th.
I updated.

Anybody else seeing issues? Maybe with the update?

mine is updating regularly and without a hitch @mohe0001. My Nightscout though, is borked

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I uploaded data on Sept 7 and just now. That is from a Tandem pump on a PC.

I did have problems several months ago. At that time Tidepool support suggested that I select “All data” (rather than the default “Data since last upload”) from the Upload menu in the uploader … and you have to be patient when you upload that much data. In my case, that’s seemed to “unwedge” things.

I don’t know if that will help you, but it may be worth a try.

After it began working, I could go back to uploading only the new data since the last upload.

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@John_S2 makes a good point about the “All Data” option. I should also clarify @mohe0001, I’m uploading every 5 minutes via XDrip with no issues. The last LAN upload I did was 2 weeks ago.

I started following your lead.

Problem appears to be on the dexcom side.
Needed to re-establish connection with dexcom.

Log into dexcom and re-authorized it to share data with TP under the 'permission section"

Re-downloading the TP uploader…failed again. I’ll give it a solid hour to setup, then I will consider it a fail and contact them. Seems to hang up here…


A bit off topic, but what does Tridepool have that is better than dexcom clarity or tandem t:connect ?

Well, it can incorporate the omnipod pump data. It also donates the data to researchers. Its freeware. I think TP has been around longer than dexcom clarity or t:connect. I have never used either of those.

TP doesn’t seem to be working. Nope. I’m wrong. It just needed time. Data came thru.

I dunno. I was trying to make sure the doc could access data for upcoming appointment. But, they want me to fax the records, so this is all for not.

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Many Endos and medical facilities like Tidepool because they can upload and look at data from just about any pump, CGM, or BG meter with a single software package.

I think that Clarity, t:Connect, and, I suspect the Medtronic and Omnipod equivalents each have their fans … and they all have a slightly different collection of reports … but the more universal nature of the Tidepool offering is what makes it attractive.

If I am not mistaken, Tidepool is also trying to work on a version of Loop for which they hope to get FDA approval.

At least that is my take on “Why Tidepool?”

Stay safe!


Can you believe that I am mailing/faxing paper records? Medicine is stuck in the 1980’s. The hospitals are looking for cobol programmers. They will not allow me to send them the data via email. We have officially regressed from the 1980’s.

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I had a great time in the 80s !!!
Why is that a regression?
I created my first spreadsheet on a mainframe computer and watched “AGV” (automated guided vehicles) roam around warehouse and deliver parts to manufacturing stations. Thought I was living with the Jetsons.


Even in the 80’s people could use email. I thought, for sure, covid would enable us to use digital records. I’m really surprised that isn’t allowed. I thought, for sure, this was gonna push things beyond paper records.

Is healthcare so convoluted and broken that they can’t figure out someway for us to communicate digitally? I just don’t understand. Doe medicine/hospital system need engineers? They don’t seem to be interested in hiring any. Can someone explain what this is about?

I suspect the smaller offices have the bigger challenge, and costs, to have and maintain electronically. Older doctors, with private practices have small staff, not motivated to change their ways.

No problem with Tidepool or Nightscout for me. I’m using the Tidepool Mobile app though on iOS which uploads directly to the Tidepool server.

I usually print reports (to PDF then email) from Nightscout (Reporter) for endo appts rather than giving them access to my online data.

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I usually print, too. But, I don’t typically send them through the mail. There may be a substantial delay. I don’t have much confidence that the records actually get to the Doc. It’s a huge clinic.

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I got it all setup. Just needed to reauthorize Dexcom to use TP. I never login to Dexcom for anything, so it might not have occurred to me to check there.

Thanks for the help everybody.

Tomorrow I try the home A1c again when temperatures are within required range.

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Hey, @MM1

I get all the Dexcom softwares confused.
If I am getting Dexcom data on my phone, do I tell my doc that I am using clarity?

I think you all got the high level points, but just to round out the discussion:

  1. Why Tidepool? Lots of supported devices including every major pump available in the US. And it’s free for patients and providers. (We’re* a nonprofit organization.)

  2. But seriously, why? Rather than Clarity for just Dexcom data, t:connect for Tandem, Carelink for Medtronic, etc…Tidepool works with all those devices, so for providers rather than multiple pieces of software and multiple logins, you only need one to deal with all those devices. Part of my job is to help clinics and hospitals and health systems transition from whatever they were doing to manage diabetes data from their patients to Tidepool.

  3. When in doubt, please contact If there is something more nefarious at play, we need to know and the only way we know where to look is when our users contact us.

*We, as I am Tidepool’s Community and Clinic Success Manager. If you’re already familiar with Tidepool, you might recognize my name and face from the signature in the emails that we send out :slight_smile:

Feel free to PM me or respond to a Tidepool email if you want to get in touch. I try not to invade conversations like this unless Tidepool is specifically mentioned. Like the Candyman, but I bolus first :wink:



I personally welcome you and others from Dexcom, Tandem, Medtronic, Libre, Omnipod and others … and the suppliers of pump and CGM consumables. It is certainly a good way to get the completely unvarnished perspective of real users.

Stay safe! @Christopher_Snider, from the smoke maps, it appears as if the Bay Area is finally getting a bit of a break from the extreme smoke. I hope it lasts …


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I think that is incorrect. Dexcom app on iOS does upload to Clarity if you enable Share under the Dexcom app Settings.

I’ll just call it the Dexcom phone app. That’s the way to refer to it, so it doesn’t get confused with Clarity and Share in case those are different.