Is tidepool working?

Tidepool’s team is entirely remotely distributed. I’m in Atlanta, GA, for example. But a significant number of Tidepool team members on the west coast are dealing with the…situation in some form or fashion. It’s been a week.

And Dexcom’s primary mobile apps for Android and iOS definitely do upload to your Dexcom Clarity account. Separately you can manage who else can see your Dexcom data (via Dexcom Share) and who else on your medical team can see your data (via Dexcom Clarity). It’s a lot, for sure.

If you are using the Dexcom receiver as your primary receiver (instead of your phone), then you would need to connect your receiver to your computer with a USB cable to upload data from that device to your Dexcom Clarity account.

…or, you could ask me how to upload your Dexcom data to your Tidepool account :wink:

The good news is, it’s your data and you’re in control if you use Tidepool. Feel free to get in touch if you have specific questions.

Stay safe.


That is correct @Trying

Unless you don’t use a smart device, in which case:

If you use a receiver, you log in to CLARITY from a computer, connect your receiver, then follow CLARITY’s Upload Instructions. The data stored on your receiver will appear instantly. Dexcom receivers store about 30 days of CGM readings with 120 Calibrations. It is important to upload Dexcom receiver data to CLARITY at least every 30 days to ensure data is not lost.

If you use a smart device, CLARITY receives your data automatically from the Cloud and is displayed in CLARITY about 3 hours later. This means that with a smart device system, the most recent data you view in CLARITY is at least 3 hours old.

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Maybe my perspective as an Android user is a bit broken compared to iOS. But I thought the core Dexcom mobile app would display your reading and up to 24 hours of historical data, and upload to your Clarity account. And the Clarity App is the broader data visualization/analysis tool where you can see daily and weekly averages and TIR stuff.

That they haven’t brought all these features into a single app is the real head-scratcher though. Life would be a lot easier in a single digital experience, IMO.



I think that you are correct and I’m deleting my erroneous information…


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@mohe0001 do you have the latest TP upoader, version 2.31.0? I had issues with the uploader hanging until I updated the uploader.

If Dexcom didn’t have the 3 hr HIPAA time lag, I wouldn’t need Nightscout or Tidepool. Fortunately for me they do and I found NIghtscout and Tidepool which I believe are more accessible and easier to use. My family members and health care team can follow real time and get whatever reporting they deem necessary whenever necessary with out phone model limitations. Tidepool specifically is great at the “big picture” and I can see where I can kaizen my processes, they even have a mobile app so I can add contextual notes. Nightscout gives my spouse peace of mind with realtime bg readings (no 3 hour lag) and reporting features that rival Clarity IMHO regardless of what phone model or web browser are chosen.

I also am happy to donate my anonymized data through Tidepool for diabetes research whether it be for big data purposes like ML data sets or for clinical studies because a portion of the revenue generated from the data sale goes to a charity of my choice. Kinda gives me the warm and fuzzies thinking someone somewhere will one day benefit from my random anonymous data sets.

(I am in no way affiliated with Tidepool or any other medical company. I am an enthusiastic Tidepool user)

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I downloaded the TP uploader v2.33.0.
When I opened the executable, it started setup, but seemed to hang up.
I’m not 100% sure if it ever setup because I’m not sure what the uploader even is.
It didn’t seem to do anything, but maybe its not supposed to do anything.

I see my data now in TP, so something got fixed. It seems to be lagging by a couple hours more frequently, but that’s no big deal. I’ve got the data.

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I guess I like Tidepool’s display more. More colors = More better.

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Same here :slight_smile:

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