Iscars racing & diabetes

ISCARS has selected the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association as one of its
for 2008.
“I first heard of Charles Ray III through my niece, who was diagnosed with
Juvenile Diabetes in her early teens,” says Randy Claypoole, President/CEO of
ISCARS. “The Association was there to help her with supplies when she lacked
medical coverage. ISCARS is eager to create awareness that help is available
to others in need of such assistance.”
ISCARS DASH Touring driver, Brad Queen represented ISCARS at the event.
Queen placed his race car on display and enjoyed spending time interacting
with the tournament participants.
ISCARS is also planning to promote the Charles Ray III Diabetes Association
at two upcoming events scheduled for Dillon Motor Speedway (Dillon, SC) on
Saturday, July 12th, and Franklin County Speedway (Callaway, VA) on
Saturday, July 26th. Charles Ray III will be on hand offering testing for diabetes
and information about his organization.
"This is a great opportunity to be teaming up with ISCARS DASH Touring,”
Charles Ray III, President & CEO of The Charles Ray III Diabetes
Association, Inc. “ISCARS gives us another avenue to promote our organization as well as
interact with the race fans, many of whom either have diabetes or know
someone who does and needs assistance with acquiring a free glucose meter and
testing strips or substantially discounted insulin pump and supplies.”