Hi all-
What is ‘isig’, exactly, as far as using the CGMS?
My CGMS currently says I have an ISIG of 8.47, and from what I’ve just been reading here, that’s not good.
Any info and thoughts will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

ISIG stands for Insterstitial Signal and it is an electronic reading from your sensor that is used in conjunction with your calibration numbers to calculate the current glucose reading on your pump. I’m not sure entirely how that calculation is made, perhaps someone else can elaborate on it.

Thank you for the definition!

Hello Lisa, I have been told any isig value between 2 and 200 is ok. Mine usually run in the teens, I would not worry about 8.47. Al.

my Isig fluctuates greatly depending on activity and time of day, lol… i notice when i am more active or exercising that it goes up to like 12 to 16 or even 22… but when i’m waking upand laying in bed in the morning, its low towards 6 or 8 … when i’m sitting at computer, it can be in the mid range from 8 to 14 …i assume that’s because activity increases the blood flow and therefore you get a better signal!? but still even with showing Isig below 10, i’ve still gotten pretty close bg readings from cgm as compared to meter bg… so i don’t think it affects it quite so much… at least for me it doesn’t. lol. i don’t think i’ve ever gotten an Isig higher than 26.
my sensor site is on my belly about two inches from navel right now… this is the very first sensor i ever used and i’ve had it on for 14 days… still works great! right this moment my Isig is 9.74 and my cgm bg reads 117. meter bg reads 102 . that’s pretty close in accuracy to me. i’m sure i’d probably get an even larger difference from the same blood drop on two tests from the same meter, lol! I SO love this minimedCGM!!!