Issue with my CGM readings

Looking for anyone that may have the same issue and what they have done about it...

Top photo… 730 am suddenly got a HIGH notification CGM gave me 183, didn’t feel high, finger stick confirmed it wasn’t… entered 2 BGs. (68 and 76).

1145am the line is nice… tested before going to lunch (felt little high) and WHAM-O 210 (and 192) for the finger stick when CGM was giving me a nice 75.

Sensor was new yesterday. I believe my finger sticks.

Has this happened to you before?

I have been using the Dex7 for 6 weeks now and am feeling a bit frustrated.

here is the photo for the 1145 entry:

Your line sure is nice and flat otherwise! :slight_smile: I often get these with a new sensor - usually calms down after the second day. No idea what causes it.

Your mileage may vary.


I too have had this happen with only 1 or 2 day old sensors. Then it “calms” down and gets very accurate. I have used DEX7 for 7 months now and always try to insert new sensors when I can afford to have it be not so accurate, ex traveling, etc. Hope this helps. Robin

I never enter bG readings within the first hour (or so) of waking up. Yes, I do the finger pokes-- but if Dexcom is wrong, I don’t enter them. (If it had spent my later sleeping hours in “stale” fluid by my accidentally sleeping on it, entering calibration data during the first 30 minutes of wake time a bad idea.)

So it’s possible that by correcting the bad Dexcom leap in the early AM, you taught it to treat ALL voltage readings, both high and low, as “somewhere around 75 mg/dL”. But I would NOT keep wearing this Sensor, hoping that it might get better… I’d rip it and put in a fresh one.

I’ve never seen a graph like this from the kinds of bG readings you’ve reported. Not ever (that’s nearly 4 years now). I’d Rip it out, then call Dex for a credit on it’s replacement.