Issues with Medtronic MiniMed 723


I've just started on the 723 a couple of months ago and started noticing a LOT of air bubbles in reservoirs. I've been using MM pumps for 12 years now and this problem just started. I've had absolutely no help from MM. Customer service reps make it sound like it's the customers' fault that air bubbles are appearing!???? One of the reps also told me that air bubbles are "not a problem". I've returned several leaking reservoirs and am in the process of waiting for a "letter of analysis". I can already predict what that letter will say. (it has to be approved by Medtronic's legal team)

I do think MM needs to start listening to their customers! My next pump will not be a Medtronic product!


Same thing has happened to me and Iv been on 722 for 5 years all the Medtronics Rep have told me to fill resivor up with Novolog at room tempature. But it has still happened.




I have recently started using a paradigm 723. I only use it as a CGM and it has been a total loss so far. It often shows my BG going up, when in fact it was decling. More problematic is when it shows me getting into the low alert range (80 to 90)I often take a look, then decide whether to take on a snack, if I plan to do something requiring increased physical activity. Then, later, when I get to check my BG, I find it was off the chart, like in the 200+ range, yet the CGM still shows a delcining graph line.

Calls to the help desk have resulted in such a plethora of 'well you might want to try...", and instructions to calibrate in ways that are marked different than the original instructions; I am now totally confused and don't think I'll ever become confident in it, so plan to send it back.


I must say I'm "happy" to see that others are having the same issues I am with "spontaneous" air bubbles - - I seriously thought I was going nuts! I've been pumping for almost two years with a 523; always had great control and never had any issues with it. However, within the last three to four months I've been developing air in my reservoirs and in my tubing. I've changed nothing in the way I fill them, I've swapped out my pump, walked through my technique with someone at MM, even met with my CDE to have her watch me to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong, and I'm still having the issues. Meeting with my endocrinologist today for my 3-month visit (unhappily with an A1c of 6.9 - - I know, not too, too high but I always run around 6.5) and will see what he has to say.


OMG I completely feel your frustration! I called minimed MULTIPLE TIMES (20+) and each time was like this is TOTALLY unacceptable. Multiple pump replacements (see below) all failing within less than a month, for different errors each time. They don't take me seriously. I wish the FDA would do something even though I'm not much a fan of FDA. Unfortunately, I doubt insurance would care to pay for a different company's pump before warranty, but I don't know for sure...but I definitely agree with you on it SHOULD be allowed since this is our lives we are talking here! For minimed to suggest you buy a backup pump for THEIR multiple faulty pumps??? Really? They should be GIVING you an extra pump since they are so faulty. Ugggh thats just my rant Im done :-) This was my experience just to let you know you are not the only one, which is what I thought, too:

OK so I use MiniMed since there aren't a lot of options out there and it's the main one...used it for quite a while and their software is the only one my doc uses. Plus integration of the CGM system. I also can only use metal sets so OmniPod is out. HOWEVER...

I got this Paradigm pump less than 2 years ago. It malfunctioned on me when I had just biked 10 miles and was taking a ferry to a middle of nowhere island. Completely stopped working, NO buttons would do anything it was just frozen...long story short screwed my entire week and had to take a ride from a complete stranger.

So I get a replacement 3 days later (malfunction happened on weekend). That of course screwed me too. The replacement pump started getting motor errors left and right beginning the first week. So I got THAT one replaced. Now THIS one I have worn for ONE DAY and it gave me an error A33 which is an immediate "we gotta replace that pump NOW" error according to minimed. So I'm waiting on a fourth pump tomorrow! All within a month!?

Is this just me or the universe laughing at my coincidences, or is minimed really going downhill? Of course they say on the phone that they have TONS of people who've had pumps for years with no problems. I'm like OK, great for THEM, but what about those who dont? Am I the only one with multiple issues? Also had to have 2 of their CGMs replaced for malfunction...Curious to know if this is more widespread than just me.


Yes, I wish they had more companies and pump options out there. I have not had bubble problems though I don't check, but have had 4 pumps fail on me in less than a month, and 2 CGMs. I am also so sick of multiple techs on the phone trying to blame me for the multiple errors that my pump has failed and CGM failures. Each time they ask me 20 questions and try to put the blame on me somehow. Even when I had a replacement pump for ONE DAY that broke. I'm like what could I possibly do in ONE DAY to the pump that would make it MY FAULT??? What, do you think I threw it in the ocean just for fun???? OMG I never hated minimed but right now I am REALLY hating them.


I heard from another blog post that a while back MM changed their infusion set production company or supplier and ever since they have been much lower quality. That's just what I heard though, not sure if it's true. Do know they recalled some a few years back.


Yeah, what lubricant should be used lubricating the o rings? Thanks


I understand there is lubricant on the rings for the first use. But I've been told that lubricant has been engineered to last just three days. I've been getting "No Delivery" messages on THREE pumps, count 'em. And I believe it's because I'm reusing the reservoirs and the lubricant is failing. Therefore, re-lubricate but WHAT to use?


I have no issues on re-using Reservoirs. I re-use 203 times and
pre-fill mine and keep in refrigeration for quick and easy change.

Filling is a key - Purge any residual air bubbles as part of the filling process. I find them maybe 20% of the time before I use a stored set.


I'd be willing to bet Reservoirs. I believe the "No Delivery" issues I'm having comes from inappropriate lubricant on the reservoir o-rings. One problem might parrot the other. Good luck with it.


Is reusing a reservoir safe? How do you get all the old insulin out of them?


I too was having issues with connectivity with the CGM, and discovered that if I wear my pump on the same side as the transmitter the issue went away. Appartently it can't read through my body. I didn't think I was that heavy, go figure.


I'm fixing to have my internist refer me to a diabitologist to help me get off the Medtronic revel and into a more reliable system. After a year of intermittent "no deliveries" I think it's a combination of lower pump settings to detect "no deliveries" and infusion sets. When I prime a Sure T and push the plunger hard, if there is no partial obstruction the stream will come out solid. But if there is a partial obstruction, which there are in approx 50%, the stream will break up, like putting your finger over a flowing garden hose. Given that initial partial obstruction the set will ALWAYS end up with a "no delivery" alarm.


I am so sorry you're having those problems! I was the 300th person nation on a pump back in 1980, the Auto Syringe beta program and I've NEVER had pump problems until I got on this friggin' Revel pump. I hope they get you something that works! I've got an appointment this Wed with my internist to get a referral to a diabetologist who can help me off Medtronic onto a more reliable system. Good luck.


I'm also glad to know I am not the only one. I have been using MM for 12 years, got my 523 last year. Something has been "off" since day one but it wasn't until it up and went dead on my - no alarms, nothing- that now I'm sure something is wrong. I did better on MDI than I did on this pump - what does that tell you? I am now pump shopping and I'm looking at any brand other than MM.

Just wanted to say thanks to all who spoke up - I thought it was just me.


I started on a 523 Revel 2 months ago and love it except that every time I change the reservoir, the insulin smell is horrible.

There is always a bit of insulin under the bottom ring and the reservoir area smells like insulin and is wet inside (just as you said).

Metronic kept sending me new reservoirs with different lot numbers, but it keeps happening.

Last night they finally said they'll ship me a replacement pump tomorrow, so hopefully that'll be the end of it.

I always lubricate the O-rings and my numbers have been fine the whole time, but I don't want the piston and pump to eventually fail!

I see I'm not the only one who has run into this:


I was taught you should manipulate the plunger up and down at least three times prior to filling the reservoir. This is supposed to lubricate the o-rings and prevent the bubble issue. I've been using my 723 for almost a year now (eleven months already!) and I've never had bubbles in my tubing, and I've never had a 'no delivery' message.

Now watch, I'll have one of the above within the next 24 hours...


Never try and "re lube" a reservoir. And if they do not move smoothly, don't re-use it.