Issues with Pumping After Delivery

Hi All! I just gave birth and have had so much trouble keeping my infusion sites on since. Turns out that holding a squirmy baby makes it easy for the site to get dislodged (resulting in insulin leaking which I generally don’t notice until I’m in the 300s). It’s super frustrating and I’m running through infusion sets like mad.

I’ve already reached out to my health care team regarding this, but I thought I’d ask around here and see if anyone else had a similar problem and could share a solution!

Have you tried fixing your sets on using Skin Tac? It makes them stick much tighter than the regular adhesive on the set. You can get it on Amazon

Oh yeah! I kind of forgot that Skin Tac even existed - good suggestion! :grinning: Have you used it in the past? If so, how much longer would you say it allowed the infusion site to last?

I use Skin-Tac on my Dexcom CGM sensor sites. Those sites adhere to me for at least 14 days. I apply the Skin-Tac on top of the already applied adhesive bandage. The liquid adhesive seeps through the fabric of the bandage and binds the fabric to the skin. I paint it on taking care not to disturb the site while it dries. A hand held hair dryer on low heat or no heat would be a good tool to enhance drying.

Congrats on your new child!

I have mainly used Skin Tac for my Dexcom sensors - these last up to 18 days. I didn’t used to use Skin Tac with my infusion sets. However I have switched from an Animas pump to a DanaRS and the Dana infusion sets wouldn’t stick well and often started to peel off after only a few hours. I use a 2-day rotation and with Skin Tac they will stick really tightly for the whole period. I am sure they would last a third day or longer if I could tolerate them.

Not much to contribute on the topic of extra adhesives, but from personal experience, also maybe think about the location of your sites. With my small baby in arms still (she just turned six months and we breastfeed, which means she’s on me a whole lot), I have basically stopped using my abdomen for the moment. Sites are always in the buttocks and love handle area to keep them a bit more “out of the way.” :slight_smile: