It happened!

So I’m beyond excited. Last night my husband and I found out we are having a baby! :slight_smile: it started off with me texting him I need to go to the UCC, he got off work and drove me to the hospital. They made me do a urine sample. We waited. The doctor came back and said it was negative. (He was an ass) we were talking and 10 minutes later someone comes in with a sheet of paper. The doctor giving us the doctor look I got scared, he goes well you’re pregnant! Hands over the sheet and I start tearing we go into the ob room for pelvic exam and blood work. Pelvic exam was great, the baby is were it should be at for 6-7 weeks. :smiley: I couldn’t be happier but still it hasn’t hit me. IM GOING TO BE A MOMMY!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thank you so much shoshana27!:smiley:

That’s wonderful, congrats to you and your husband!

It is very wonderful! Thank you!

so excited for your wonderful news!!! Thank you for sharing!

I couldn’t keep it in I had to share! :slight_smile:

Congratulations. I recall when my wife and I got the news about our first one and we could barley wait to tell everyone we knew. It is a fund time and one I remember like yesterday even though it was 35 years ago.

It is very exciting. We both are telling everyone we know. :slight_smile:

Congratulations!!! I hope you post updates - would love to learn from your journey!

I definitely will. This is going to be my only one so prepare for updates and everything.

Congratulations!!So happy for you both!!

God Bless,

Congrats !! :)

Thank you brunetta! :slight_smile: and wendy how thoughtful and sweet. Thank you everyone for the support I appreciate it.

Congrats Atina,

So happy for you...what a wonderful feeling... it's life altering but in the BEST of ways.

I too had a baby last year... best change in my husband and my life!

I blog about pregnancy and type one diabetes here:

Hope to hear an update soon,

Melissa Shannon

Thank you it is a blessing I am very happy and pleased.

WOOHOOO!! Congratulations, momma!