It Is Anything But Easy

I am talking about all those who are part of the epidemic of Diabetes. It is an epidemic for sure. The numbers are rising at an alarming rate. You do not want to join this epidemic if you are not part of it; if you are you need to fight on a daily basis. This should be a good fight. Diabetics need to know their body how foods react and how to keep your blood sugar in range.

The easy way is to give yourself your pills or insulin. You may not want to, but if you want to be here down the road for your loved ones you need to take care of you. Type 2 diabetics have a chance to control sugars with diet and exercise and hopefully get off the meds. If you are taking insulin it is harder to control your weight. Insulin puts weight on you, and you must work that much harder to keep those pounds off.

There are very few for sures when battling diabetes. One for sure for sure, you should not try and do this alone. You need a great team of doctors; you need to learn about what’s good to eat and what you should avoid. Thanks to the internet there are many sites to gain knowledge, and once you absorbe the knowledge talk to a member of your team to get their opinion. Taking care of you is a daily task which will change as your disease progresses or as you gain control.

One of the most important members of your team is your loved one. Someone who will listen, care and talk to you about diabetes. Sometimes you need just a hug or an ear to listen to you. Lectures should be avoided by your loved one, but gentle reminders are always welcomed. There is a big difference between what are your sugars!!! and how are your sugars? Supporting a diabetic is a true sign of love, and will just make you closer.

Loved ones try and find out how the diabetic reacts when his or her sugars are high or low. Some people get agitated when sugars are low, others act confused. Same goes for high sugars some people lose their temper easily. When someone’s sugars are too low they need help quickly they can wind up in a coma, the same when they are high so it is important to know where they are and help with the control. It is easier when sugars are low to raise them.

Diabetics can be stubborn, but some love and understanding will make both of you feel better. One more for sure. A day cannot go by when a diabetic cannot fight the fight, and hope for a cure to the nastiest of diseases.

If I may ask, what is your goal in posting this? I am a type 1 diabetic and there were a few points in which I found this post mildly offensive. All I ask is that you please remember that most people cannot control if they are diagnosed with diabetes and everyone's experience with the disease is different.

I see Leanne's point, but I must have read it in a different spirit, I was not offended, and I appreciate Vince sharing his thoughts.