It is diwali celebrations

it diwali celebrations time in india , on this day lord RAMA returned to his native village from srilanka
after killing king RAVANA…so people here distribute sweets here and burst crackers, and light their houses with deeps

during this season , BS of all goes high…so my advice to all is take care of your diabetes and don’t eat sweets to much

for all tu diabetes community .HAPPY DIWALI(SATURDAY)…READ RAMYANA FOR MORE

Thank you Ravinder. Enjoy your day and stay away from the sweets. :slight_smile:

The Festival of Lights! It must be beautiful there right now. Happy Diwali Festival. Have a safe (firecrackers) and joyful one to all our friends from India. =)

Happy Diwali…Enjoy…But don’t forget to test test test…

Have a great holiday celebration:)

Happy Diwali. I was sure I’d seen some resources for managing Diwali with diabetes, so I went Googling… Sadly, I could only find one:

hi megha , as you consumed 2 kg of sweets, eat curd , lassi and nimbu paani to neutralise the acidic effects and insulin adjustments , you know well