It is Wednesday, what are you doing?

My self, am tired and sleepy, keep falling of the keyboard and have a small nape! During work :o)
Can’t wait for the weekend to relax and sleep!!! BG is high 300 something! :frowning:

Your self?

making a fruit salad for lunch, then i’m going to go finish painting my bathroom. have been at that for over a week now and need to finish it up. i have no idea what my bg is. i’m too afraid to check it. it has been all over the place for the past 2 days…

I am “trying” to work - but my minds not into it today (I can’t seem to drag myself away from “Tuville” ). I’m going to go take a break now - and see how my neighbours dog is doing - as I’ve been looking after her for the past few days while her Master is away. I would love to have a dog - but my hubby - not keen on them (at least he puts up with our cats … and me - woof, woof). No idea what my BG is either - I guess I should go check it before I head out.

Hope you get the bg down Ahmad.
I have to go grocery shopping today and finish filling out the FASFA for school. Other than that, just household chores. Thinking about doing laundry

You mean FAFSA “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” :wink:

Good luck in that and thanks for the hoping! ;o)

Woof…Woof I wanna jump over the fence and come to you…woof…woof! Am also “trying” to work, but no am falling to sleep faster!!!

Painting…hmmm are you drawing something specific on the walls like fishes or dolphins! Hope you are not painting it Pink! ;o)

Hi Al!

I’m catching up on email and with TuD - been on vacation and then had family here - so I’m trying to get back into the regular rhythms of life.

Why are you running so high? I notice you’re on the pump - will you do a correction? The high BG will certainly make you very, very sleepy (as I’m sure you know) - but it’s one of the ways I know I’m starting to go high, without even checking (although I check often). Sweating is my other clue - hate it, hate it, hate it - and together they are incentive for tight, tight control.

Take care of yourself.

I have my grandbaby today. May go to the park or movies. :wink:

Doing my best to take care of my self, but my busy life style keep getting in the way!!!

yea that thing lol

working until 6pm, putting babies to bed, spending time with my husband, going to sleep and waking up for tomorrow :slight_smile:

Hours have been cut drastically at my job. Haven’t worked since Friday. Looks like I’ll have a whole week off. Guess I’ll move some furniture, shampoo the carpets, ride my bike to the gym and of course do another load of laundry. Hope things pick up so I can pay my bills and eat.

Just sitting at my desk doing boring work today – it will be a long day today. Taking a few too many side trips over to TuD. But, it is good to work that needs to be done. Beats the alternative. BG started the day out pretty high (near 300), but was around 120 by lunch.

I’ve just finished my salad dinner, and wondering if I feel too ill to go for a run.Need to run but blaaa I’m not well =( Watching the cooking channels to and craving the curry the guy just made, yum yum yummmm.

I am on the computer, when I need to get ready to go to the doctor. I hope you can get your BG down, no wonder your tired.

It’s evening here and I need to work now cause I also took too many “side trips” to TuD today!! Good luck with the day all!!

You people love taking “side trips” to TuD! Who don’t! :wink:

Hope you feel better soon! ;O)

Thanks for the hope and support, good luck with the Doc