It’s always something

I have an important tennis match after lunch. I’ve been testing all morning—everything looks great. I have a quick lunch and head out to the court. Right before I start warming up, I figure I might as well test and prick my finger one more time. 155. Perfect for once!

So proud of myself, I step out onto the court and start hitting. After about five minutes I look down at my white outfit and notice there are blood spatters all over it. What the…? For some reason my finger never stopped bleeding and now I look like an extra in a slasher movie. Blood all over my racquet handle; spatters all over my outfit and the court. Of course, I have no extra clothes so I just go ahead with the match as-is. I thought I would look tougher to my opponents with a little gore.

The D is always a factor in sports, even when it’s not!