It takes one to know one or or can I sleep until Summeri

Tummy rumbling going to test my blood sugars, here goes............9.6 better than I thought seeing I had a late supper with an Angel,not feeling on top of the World right now head thick as pea soup well bacon and green pea soup eyes a bit blurry it use to worry me sick at one time thinking a hypo was on it's way,but after 14 years feeling this way is just another thing to live with,the cold legs fet and toes are another thing,and the dumbness in my feet makes me not realise I have banged my foot or toes up until the bruising appears,l I have been experiencing a tightening of the muscles in my lower legs like cramp but not as painful the new medication for gout is a week old and finally my system seems to be settling down as they say if it not one thing it is another,our eldest daughter is now diabetec type 2 and i hope no wish she never gets to the state I find myself in it is something you would not wish on your worst enemy,diabetes like carbone monoxide poisoning sorry about the spelling mind you could not tell you if the spelling of a word is correct or not,for a long time diabetes was the silent killer not much was known but things have improved if not the attitude of some people especially proffesional medical types it was 14 years no make that 13 before I got to see someone who really knew and understood diabetes.

It was last January when I first had an appointment to see him all he deals in is diabetes,and from the first time here was someone who took the time to explain waht diabetes is what it does and does not do and the complications it can lead too,for 13 years or more I had advice that differed every time I saw a consultant,my blood sugars were sometimes in the 20s but this new specialist hammered into me the need to get it under control and when I could not he prescrbied Victoza I was sceptical and thougth another thing to stick into my body but as hyou know I lost nearly 3 stone and my blood sugars came down below 10 and most times around 8/9 my colestral is under control and my days of despair are few and far these days,ok i still have days like today but it will pass keep telling myself,the only trouble is when you think you have the beast under control it gets up and bites you in the neck,the boils in my nose have declined caused by too much sugar in the system the doctor told me I have my own ideas on the cause could it be any one of the 14 different pills I now take daily the insulin or Victoza who knows do you,the cramp is much more under control although I have read you should not take Quinine on a regular basis so I do not,but how can you foretell when a bout of cramp is setting in,at least I have stopped hopping about the bedroom getting under the shower hoping hte warm water would ease the pain,one one one such episode the ramps were so bad a paramedic and ambulace arrived and i spent 12 hours in a cubicle cold and in pain.

The insurans adjuster will be here in 30 minutes, so another hurdle to jump before things get sorted,thanks for stopping by .