It worked, Dave!

Just got a letter in the mail from MM that they are offering many more options in the Sure-T’s.

1) Finer 29 gauge needle (18% reduction)
2) 3 (COUNT 'EM THREE!!!) needle lengths: 6 mm, 8 mm, or 10 mm
3) 3 (YES, THREE!!!) tubing lengths: 18", 23", or 32"

The current Sure-T (MMT-840) is being replaced by the MMT-864, which is the same 6 mm. needle and 23 inch tubing, only the finer 29 gauge needle. They are expecting the current Sure-T’s to last only through March of this year, 2010. They will automatically switch every current user to the new model starting with shipments 3-15-2010.

They ask that if you send a supply reorder card, to cross out the MMT-840 and write in the correct product number.

MMT-862 6 mm needle 18" tubing
MMT-864 6 mm needle 23" tubing
MMT-866 6 mm needle 32" tubing
MMT-874 8 mm needle 23" tubing
MMT-876 8 mm needle 32" tubing
MMT-886 10 mm needle 32" tubing

Yay, on Monday I’m calling and changing my auto ship to the 8 mm needle with the 32" tubing. The 23" is just slightly too short, especially when changing clothes or using the bathroom!!

Happy Happy Happy Day!!


SOOO COOL! Woohoo! I use these interchangeably with the shillouettes, and love the fact that they’re making different options! time to call Edgepark and seeif they can change it! YAY!