Itchy pod problem

Hi all, I read some tips a while back about helping pods not itch... we did try the nasal steroid spray ( nasonex) on the site, let it dry then activated pod, it did solve the itching, but the pod did not stay on, by the next day the adhesive was coming right off!

she has seasonal allergies and asthma, so she's on singular and usually claritin anyway, which really helps. without those she's super itchy!!

I wonder if you could PREMEDICATE a site with a steroid cream the night before, then clean the site really well in the bath and alcohol, I wouldn't try ointment because that would be really hard to get off...

what else has everyone tried? is there another topical nasal that doesn't make the adhesive come off?

What about Benadryl spray or cream?

If you clean the site with alcohol please read my this (from my blog) -

Hope it helps!


Your daughter is too cute!! My daughter's CDE told us not to use alcohol on her fingertips because they would get too dried out and crack, but no one ever mentioned the pod site. I have heard from other people that stopping alcohol before the pod helped. Certainly sounds like a better option than giving up on the pod!

Interesting! Man, I'm a pediatrician and I would be to scared to try that, just having seen the flip side of sepsis and wound infections... but I can see how that would help! what kind soap do you use, anything in particular?

I've had skin irritation, rash, and itching after using the same areas (the top of my thighs)I started using a Tegaderm first. It goes on like a band-aid and after it's on it looks like the film that you pull off a lcd display on a new phone, but thinner. It's stays on extremely well and it's adhesive is non-irritant (for me anyway)There are several threads on here about them. You place the pod over the film and works like a charm...very water resistant. When it's time to remove pod you pull off the Tegaderm and the pod comes right off with it. No sticky residue to remove off your site. I haven't had any rashes or itchiness since.

I haven't used alcohol on my fingers for 25 years and never on pod sites. I was in a diabetes support group run by a Doctor who was Type 1 himself and he said the same thing about drying and cracking and infection. He said as long as the area is clean it's fine. I was on MDI all that time and now the pod for last 2 years and I've never had an infection. When I was on MDI I used the same syringe 4x per day for about 2 weeks at a time ( by then it was too dull) I use the same lancet for about a month. I'm not saying that it's for everyone, but it's always worked for me.

:) Thank you!

I've heard from a number of people that live in England and they say that they are expressly directed by their physicians not to use alcohol. I guess the "right" thing is all in what you are familiar with.

I don't use any special soap... This method saved us from having to stop podding! I know it's not for everyone but it's worth asking a doc about IMO.



thanks Scott! I'll bet there is some research on this somewhere too! Im going to ask about this tomorrow when I talk to our cde

ok tegaderm it is! will try it!

I stopped using alcohol for my MDI years ago at the suggestion of a doc. If I feel my injection site is not clean, I just wipe with wet towel. Never had any problems with that.

Do they hurt to pull off like the Pod's adhesive does (well, it hurts for me...)? What size do you get?

I can't say it doesn't hurt at all, but it's very minimal compared to the pod adhesive. I get 2 3/8" x 2 3/4". It says 1624W on the box of 100 made by 3M. I get mine at for $38.99.

Thanks! I just bought some on Amazon for $32.50. Maybe I'll start using my pods again after trying this. Right now I'm back on MDIs because I was having so much trouble with the pods (bleeding/bruising).

If i put the pod on my stomach it itches like crazy, the back of my arm or my butt cheek i hardly notice it. It itches more when I change out the pod.