Its a Battle

Every day we wake up knowing one thing? Check our blood sugar. Well that is step one in our battle with diabetes checking our b/s. After that we proceed with our daily lives some with a fixed diet others with shots and like me the pump. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 26 yrs and have been on the pump for 10. Oh its hard every day to get up and do this I know but it has to become your life style to check your blood sugars at least at every meal and before bed this will keep tight control of b/s. Believe me I know what your saying . I dont have the time to stop and do this because of work or where you may be. Im telling you to make the 2 minutes and do it. You will feel better with tighter control. It doesnt matter weather you take one shot a day or four or are type 2 and take pills and diet. Checking your b/s is your life support.

To give some of my back ground. I was diagonsed in 1984 while I was serving in the airforce and started on 1 shot a day and watched my diet. Well that didnt work out to good. I ate and drank like I was a kid in the pool and it was the end of summer. Before long it was 2 shots and I was gaining weight. I was discharged after serving my 4 yrs but was a wreck. I was 26 married with my first son. I came back to Long Island wondering who would hire me. I was a civil engineer not a good career to be in when your a diabetic. Any way I got a job at welding company delivering welding products like oxygen, acetelyne and so on by this time I was up to 4 shots a day. The job was brutal very tough but I hung in until my eye sight changed and I couldnt feel my feet they where numb. This is the start of being a diabetic when things get bad. I use to check my b/s once a day and just go on. This was the begining of my destruction no control. Well it went from bad to worse as I was diagnosed with lyme disease in 1989 and it took the doctors 8 pain staking months to figure it out. By then the damage was done. I have nerve damage in both legs and no feeling in my feet besides neuropathy. I have had over 15 lazer surgeys in my right eye and 12 in my left hey I can still see though. Understand this is through a period of time not over night my A1Cs where out of control. I was hospitalized many of times. I thought things couldnt get any worse. I was out of work on disabilty totally depressed but it wasnt over for me yet. I got adhesive capulitis in my shoulders thats a crust that forms and prevents movement and is very painful. I had surgey done and was going to therapy. One day after I left therapy at the VA I crashed. I was driving out of the VA and blacked out. I woke up in the emergancy room where I was told that I knocked down a telephone pole and drove through a brand new vinyl pvc fence that the VA just put up and to top it off I landed on there golf course. I was not injured nor was anyone else. This is where I woke up. A year later in 2000 I went on the pump. I started checking my b/s at least 4 times a day and went on a decent diet low carb. I lost weight and my A1Cs dropped. In 2004 I was diagnosed with minearse disease. A debilitating disease where you go into a deep head spins till you vomit and can come on at any moment without warning. I suffered a year with this. I finally came to terms and had my nerve cut in my left ear to stop the spinning but now Im deaf in my left but the spinning is gone. So as you can see the battle never ends but we must fight on. Since 2005 I go to the gym regularly and believe me I have my bad days but Im in control now. We must believe in ourselves and check our B/S.

I really appreciate this post. Thank you for sharing your story!

Tony, I will try to remember this every time I get frustrated or want to slack off for a few days.

I applaude you for never giving up!! That"s what it takes to live with this disease…sometimes we first have to sink to rise if we can.

Our story is not over it continues everyday. I have had other major problems like sever depression and some phobias I have collected over the years and of course night sweats eating sweats but I still rock n roll and have fun doing it. Never give up have faith in one self become a leader and not the follower. I have the up most faith and hope for all of us who suffer with diabetes. I invite anyone who wants to talk about it. Good Luck and enjoy life. Tony