Its a good day

Wake up at 6am, take a reading…222. Feeling ok. Take my Byetta. Eat some breakfast. Now wait for the spike.

Waiting…waiting…waiting. Get to work. Waiting…waiting…waiting

9am and still feeling good. Wow. No spike. Test again. 263. YEAAHHHHH I actually feel good this morning. Am I actually getting the hang of this? Could it be?

Good morning #1 of hopefully many more. Yay me!!!
And thanks to everyone here at that has helped the last couple of days.

I am so glad you are feeling and doing better! Yay to you! :slight_smile:

It does get easier with time. Figuring out how you react to certain foods, and how much insulin/medication you need is a fine art that takes constant attention. It takes a lot of work, but is definitely worth it!

Great job. Glad to see you have come out of this. Keep hanging in there.

And believe it or not they will get better…Test Test Test…You will learn so much and read so much ,that you will think you are going for a phd on diabetes…lol And for today Yay To you, but on the reality front lets get those numbers down…keep up the good work God Bless

Congratulations! That’s Awesome! Keep up the good work! :smiley: