It's a wonderful life?

Can you tell us what herbal stuff was recommended ? I hope that it will help.

It’s quite a conglomeration. Carcinosin, Sulfur, Gelaemium, Thyroidinum, Selenium met, Kali Iod, and Ceepium sruf 4DH. Not real sure that everything is spelled correctly as it is somewhat like a doctors writing where accuracy could be questionable.

I am not familiar with any of those, but hope you get them soon and see improvements.

Finally got the stuff from the herbal supplier. Tastes yucky. 100 ml bottle and to take 2 pumps 3 times a day. Been on it for a little over a week now and nothing earth shaking. Rather expensive.

Do you have people in your life who can help you manage decision making and self care? I sometimes have the nausea when trying to make decisions and I tend to ask my husband to make the decisions when that happens. It give my mind a rest. you just need people who you trust enough to listen to them


Not really. One family member makes Donald Trump look like a pansy. Notice I did say Donald Trump. (Nothing against your personal views.
With the way I’ve been for far too long, almost alienated by the rest of the family.
Have 4 wives to work with but that is only in my mind.
Haven’t had a shower since Aug. 17, brushed my teeth since Oct. 31 and when I do now shave it is with a beard trimmer with different spacers that do eventually get down to 1/8 inch.


I want to Thank you for putting up this link. It has helped myself and two people close to me.


Well people I’m still here although I don’t know why.
Since I was last up here what more could get disgustingly worse. After the wasted trip to the mental health unit where was told not to come back as they weren’t going to do anything for me the doctor increased the lithium from 600 up to 750 and tried to get me to take effexor. Told them I was on effexor 8-10 years ago and did nothing and wasn’t going to take it again. Gave me a chronic blood work form to take to the lab every three months. That was back in November of 2017 and still have not been able to get to the lab and get the first one done.
After about one month of being on the increased lithium this is how I felt-headache, upset stomach, tired, wasn’t sleeping, arms and legs shaking and balance was an issue. Checking the internet it showed toxicity lithiun levels. Cut back to 600 level.
Had to go in to see them again because I was almost out of fast acting insulin. Didn’t go well. Tried to put me on 900 of lithium and I said no way. If 750 made me the way I was what was a larger dose going to do.
Also went into outer space when they were told I still haven’t been able to get the first blood work from last fall done. Said several unpleasantries about me.
Needless to say some time after I try to survive the harvest and family personalities, I’m looking for a new doctor.
Just for the record, it’s now a little over a year since I’ve had either a shower or bath’ Did have to go to insurance places to get licenses and such. During the course of the transaction the agent asked how I was doing and when she asked why I just don’t slide the cloths of and have one. Suggested that she doesn’t understand what it is like and she should show up on Sunday about 1:30 pm and she will help out by being my shower buddy. Didn’t say a word after that.
Quit taking the homeopathic stuff as it didn’t help.

I’m sorry you have been struggling. Try to work with your doctors as they’re trying to help. I know sometimes it is rough.

I read an article by a veterinarian some time ago in the ‘Journal of Medical Hypothesis’ which argued that not bathing is very healthy for people. Since the skin is normally covered by a thin layer of fat which consists mainly of cholesterol, bathing cleans off that normal protection, causing the liver to go into overdrive to replace it by producing more and more cholesterol. This, reasoned the veterinarian, causes the high cholesterol levels that humans typically have in the First World but not in the Third World, where bathing is less common. The author claimed he had not bathed for more than a year and felt much better, and that after the first month his scent did not grow any more pronounced.

Still here. Nothing has changed. Hopefully will be able to change doctors shortly because I just don’t have any confidence in the present one. Quit taking the homeopathic stuff as it wasn’t helping and was expensive. Go see the eye specialist tomorrow for a regular checkup. Seems to think that might need cataract surgery sometime.