It's about time I introduce myself!

Hello all!

I’ve been a bit of a snoop reading through everyone’s posts on this website and I feel like I want to join in on the participation and meet more people who are dealing with Diabetes as well. I just recently got diagnosed with Type 1 at the start of February at the tender age of 23. It’s been quite difficult as I’m originally from Canada and have had to deal with Canadian and American sets of doctors and measurements during the whole diagnostic process. I haven’t met many people who also have diabetes and I feel like I’m out on my own, which I know in reality there are many people like me out there, I just need to stretch out my hands.

I’m a ballet dancer and I am just in transition from dancing at the Montgomery Ballet Company to Arova Contemporary Ballet Company. I knew something was off in November but I couldn’t put my finger on it. My dancing was beginning to suffer and I didn’t know why. When I came home for Christmas to Canada my doctor couldn’t do much for me since our health care is pretty slow so I’ve had to take care of it in the states in the New Year. Luckily I found a doctor who was able to take the time to dive in, order the proper tests (c-peptide, A1C, antibodies) and fix me up! We caught it very early, thank goodness. I’m glad I paid attention to my body and I encourage others to do the same. Lots of stress from artistic directors and pressure from new choreography messes my blood sugar pretty badly. I’m still learning how to eat properly and dose correctly but each day is its own special challenge. I’m sure many of my questions will grace the forums of TuDiabetes!

As soon as I started insulin I couldn’t believe I could feel good again. Right now I’m giving myself shots. The doctor is starting me out on baby steps since I hate needles. I take lantus and try to eat as little carbs as possible to avoid the need for mealtime insulin even though he warned me that I’ll need it in the near future as what little insulin I have will stop (What a pleasant thought). Due to the fact that I dance 8 hours a day and need to maintain control of my sugars to perform at a high level, my nurse and educator think I’m a good candidate for an insulin pump. I danced with a pod attached to my arm for 3 days and it didn’t seem to annoy me too much. I do think that the One Touch Ping looks like a better machine but I’m not sure how I can dance with all that tubing. Any dancers out there who can offer advice?

Lucky for me I got to attend an education seminar with another girl who was 5 days older than me and had just been diagnosed with type 2. We hit it off and I’m hoping to meet more people that I can look across the room at the doctor’s office and go “Diabetes eh?..yeah man” just nod and smile. So anyways, I just wanted to say hi to everyone online and connect with more people on this joyous means of communication. Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

So glad you found us!! Wow… a professional dancer… how very cool. I grew up just north of San Francisco and have seen the SF Ballet many many times… it is such an extravagant treat. Good luck with managing your sugars and your dancing… I’m sure you can do it. You seem to be a very articulate, amazing young lady :slight_smile:

Why thank you! I’m just starting out in the world of professional dance. I just graduated from the dance program at the University of Alabama in Dec 2010. So far I was a trainee at Montgomery Ballet but I got a soloist position at Arova Contemporary Ballet so I’m working my way up! I would love to dance with San Fransisco Ballet. They are such a beautiful company with so many talented dancers. Maybe someday! Thanks for the vote of confidence. Those sugars can be pretty tricky with ballet in the mix but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:

Hi, welcome to the club!

Believe me you will find there are thousands of diabetics out there crawling out of the woodwork. I would guess there are more than one in every shop, in every job, in every street - whether they know it yet or not! They do seem to be getting better at spotting it, I went for ten years with all the symptoms before they diagnosed me by accident when I was in hospital for something else!

You are on a good site. You will find a lot of helpful tips - though you will have to weigh up what might work for you. We are all individuals and what works for me might not work for you, and what works for you might not work for me. It is a question of trial and error.

I wish you well!

Welcome, Catherine. Glad you found us & early in the game. Wonderful people here to share with & learn from. A wealth of info & experience.

Welcome! I too was diagnosed at the age of 23 and was able to stay off of insulin with strict low carb diet and exercise for exactly one year and was just started on insulin 6 weeks ago. I am LADA/type 1.5 which sounds like you are too, welcome to the club!lol Wow dancing 8 hours a day? Thats a lot…I exercise an hour half-2hours a day and thought that may be too much haha but 8!? Thats awesome! Hope all is going well for you on your insulin regimen, seems like you are adjusting beautifully! How many units of Lantus are you on?

Oh and by the way I was born in Montgomery,AL and lived there until I was 10! Is that where you currently are?

Nice to meet you!

My pump did nicely being clipped to my belt when I studied martial arts a few years ago. I think our uniforms were a bit roomier and had a heavy belt to clip the pump to. I’m not sure how that would work w/ a dancing/ leotard kind of thing. Maybe some sort of belt could work? You might be able to just dance pumpless too since you’d be exercising hard. I always prefer turning my pump down to taking it off though.

Wow, you were diagnosed at 23 too. That’s great you could control it for a year without any shots. Thanks, things are going pretty well with insulin. I now longer want to pass out when I give myself a shot so that’s a bonus. At the moment I’m on 12 units in the morning. It’s not huge but my doc wants me to slowly increase so I just add a little more each week and see if my body likes it or not.
Yes, at the moment I’m in Montgomery but with this new dance company in Birmingham I’ll probably move up there this summer. Then hopefully I can get something even better and try for New York! Fingers crossed!

Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking a belt or a little pocket in my leotard. I also just finished dancing for 3 days with the demo omnipod so that works too. I guess it’s all trial and error but I’ll get it!

Birmingham! I will be there for the next two weeks, thats where mine and my husbands family is. I lived in Montgomery then Atlanta and moved to Birmingham as a teen. Too funny!