Its been a while...9 months post Dx T1D

i have not been on this or any site having to do with diabetes in months…neuropathy turned into a real curse,the summer here in Phx was long and hot.i was miserable most of the summer and still am in many ways. i’v been trying to work hard on improving my additude…im’ getting ready for another a1c in a couple weeks and i’m certain it will be KICK ■■■!!!

Dx with 14.7%…3 months later 7.2% and 3 months ago i tested at 6.3%…i have much more control now…i really cant wait to do my lab.

my blood sugar is really the only thing that has gone right for me in these last 9 months post dx…

i’ll update after lab results and hopefully write some in-between.

Congratulations on the steady improvement with your A1C. Hope your lab results are great!

i am very confident…i thought i had almost no control when i got my last 6.3…it was a total shock…i can now say i am in control and i cant wait to see what the blood has to say about it! thank you very much peetie…

I was surprised with mine too! Hang in there, we D1’s gotta stick together. Write me for anything! You are in my thoughts and in my prayers.

Good to hear from you again. I have wondered what was happening with you. I find the PN almost harder to deal with than the retinopathy. I am finally seeing some real improvement in my hands though. I can finally tie my shoes again. Hang in there and keep working that A1c. Sometimes it is a two steps forward and one step back process, but things keep improving. Even if it is at a glacier’s pace.

glaciers pace…ha ha ha…thats how it feels! it took months for the PN to reach its peak and its taking even longer for it to chill out…i dont think anything but gabapentin has helped,if i miss a dose i will start to itch and my skin crawls…i’m workin the a1c,its really the only positive news i get…my doc wanted to know if id rather take the lab every 6 months…i thought about it and said no way,my a1c is the only good news i get…i’m working on a very low carb diet with a lot of exercise…trying to catch up with randy isnt easy:)

Glad that you are making progress Tee. It is amazing the amount of lag there is between BG and PN.Mine got much worse when my readings came down. I did not know that dropping my BG so quickly would cause my complications to go wild. I was in a panic to reign things in to save my vision. No one warned me. I don’t think they believed I could do what I did. So here I am, holding steady and trying to figure out how to live a little more normal life. With D, of course.

I am actually adding in some more carbs. Trying to find things that work for different situations. Three things have been working so far. Bananas, pop corn and pizza. They all seem to work very well in the right situation.

randy, retinopathy scares the crap out of me,the prospect of any of these complications a diabetic faces is scary…these things that could happen sent me into a1c controll panic too…the PN drives me crazy but i still wouldnt have done it differently,i wanted to take control any way i could,and i did.

i find that i crave much less food now and when i do get hungry i’m usually thinking about eating good stuff.i do treat myself to one “un-diabetic” meal a wk…pizza does not work so well for me,i snack on air-popped corn a lot,bananas too…i eat tacos or pitas when i want a treat.the carbs are still easy to count and they dont make my bg go wild…surprise that pasta goes down easy too but its hard to say no to the nice crusty bread.

Hey Tee. The complications should scare anybody, because they are scary. I think that a lot of people who have not experienced any when Dx’d don’t think it will happen to them so do not take control seriously.If you do have some type of complications it would be hard NOT to dig in.

I’m so glad to hear you are working so hard and getting a handle on what works for you. You sound a whole lot more confident and positive about where you are now. Knowledge is power.

The pizza thing surprised the heck out of me. Decided to give it a try one evening. Had three pieces and a beer. Started out with a BG of about 75 and was about 120 4 1/2 hours later before bed. I’m beginning to figure out how to eat for being active. That has been my biggest issue. I find that almost anything is okay in small / reasonable servings. Especially if my BG is in the area of 90 to 110.I’m beginning to feel a little less shackled by D.

Great work on you A1c. I’ll be waiting to hear how the next one goes. I’m over due for mine. I just HATE having to fast for the blood work. It massively changes my schedule and can really screw up my day. Fortunately I can do labs on Saturday which makes it easier to deal with. Just have to bight the bullet and do it.

i never have to fast fo my labs?

Okay, well that’s just plain not fair! I have specifically asked if this is required and the answer is absolutely. So I guess I’m stuck. They say it has to do with tests other than just thw BG reading.Oh well, it could be worse. Just a pain in the ■■■.

BTW, how is work? And did you get your A/C fixed?

work is much better randy…one job would lay me out for the rest of the week before but now i can put in a medium work week and i dont feel like i got hit by a truck…i still have bad days and bad weeks but the scales have tipped in my favor…the A/C went down 3 times over the summer,this was the longest hottest summer i’v lived through here…just my luck it was also my first diabetic summer,its much nicer now, 90’s are perfect in the desert…

i dont get the deal with the lab fasting…the only time i had to fast was when i was in the hospital and they were trying to diagnose me…i also get all types of different ones done…a1c,c-pep,BMP,B12,B6 even lipids…i asked my doc if i had to fast and he said “no,we already know you have diabetes.” fasting wouldnt be easy for me at all…

good to hear your still doing so well…take it easy.

results are in.....A1c 6.2%...good control noted by Dr. H...

i know i shouldn't be but i am disappointed.i was shooting for a 6.0,i thought i had now seems like a lot of work for just .1% improvement...

i know its a great A1c and it's not picked out of a hat,i worked for it and it's what i got.i feel like an ■■■ for being upset i cant crack 6 when some people struggle to stay under 8%...i think i might be seeing the big picture clearly for the first time.i know what it takes to have 6.2% worth of's a lot of work and i can never stop.

Way to go Tee. It is hard work, but worth the effort. I feel almost normal most of the time now. I have much better balance and stamina. My vision and PN are much better too. Hopefully the next 12 months will see this much improvement again. Great job though. Remember, its an average so keep working towards that elusive flatline!