It's been a while, lots has happened


I’ve been away from quite some time. Trying to keep on top of everything is hard work lol. But generally speaking I’ve been knuckling down with business and just work. It’s coming along and beginning to really take shape now. I’m on Podcasts, got a display space in a Central London shop (Dark Sphere), interest from stockists and other companies and I’m looking to start expanding so I can concentrate my work more productively. Actually I’ve entered into the Barclay’s Take One Small Step competition and I hope to win :slight_smile: Please check it out and add comments and vote for me! You get to see things like my insulin pen holder, my workshop and even me!

Take One Small Step Entry Video

Here’s a link the the Podcsts I’m helping with. I’m in Episode #11:

Interesting Tactics

As for my diabetes, well it’s taken a bit of a backseat. My doctors as they’re now asking me ‘what are we gonna do with you?’ I don’t think that’s very nice to say to a patient. They don’t want to put me on teh insulin pump until I do regular blood tests and do carb counting properly and injections. But if I become an expert at that, then what’s the point of going on the pump? (I know that’s the wrong sorta attitude). Anyway, I’ve began to give up on the idea of getting a pump now. But on the positive note, summer’s coming and I fancy lots of beef. Work keeps me feeling alive.