Its been a while

since ive been on the website. things have been so hectic in my life.
Between my actual life and college life all my time is consumed!!!

i will have to sit down later and write a more detailed entry about the chaos filling my days right now, but alas i dont have time for that right now! gah.

but anyways…2+ months into using the pump and i STILL dont have good blood sugars. i have to wait 40 minutes after i bolus to see it have any effect on my blood sugar, not immediately like they said it would. liars. my A1c even went up a whole point and a half, that’s how high my blood sugars are all the time!!! my doctors cant figure me out. im sick of missing meals, or waiting an half an hour to eat.

isnt the pump supposed to help? the only positive thing is that i dont have to give a million shots…but still. i dont know if its worth it.

and yesterday i had my first “no delivery”, at 8pm and i absolutely flipped out- i was scared, and OF COURSE meditronics helpline put me on hold for 8 minutes before i hung up and called my doctors answering service, which then proceeded to make me wait another 15 minutes for an on call doc to call me back. dont these people realize the urgency of a situation like that…how come there is never a doctor around when i need one? Its my fear that one day my pump will stop working and I wont know it…or i wont know what to do, and i wont be able to reach any professional who does.

blah. life is too hard lately.