It's coming! It's coming!


It’s my 3rd anniversary of my fallout with dear Panny this Saturday, October 20.
I don’t know how I feel exactly. Good and bad.
Every year though, I do a little “Celebration of Life” with my friends (and family, though that is long distance). Last year, I got to fail a math midterm (YES!!!) and then got to go out to dinner with the loveliest group of people, all before heading out to NYC the next morning =)
This year, my friend from Platts and NYU are coming down to celebrate – and it’s Homecoming!! Go Quakers go!! And then, we’re all going out to dinner again.
I’m excited.
Yay life.
More on the diabetes part later. That’s right. It isn’t the biggest thing in my life.

PS Happy 19th birthday to Nolan!!! That’s right, I was dxd on one of the best friend’s birthdays…

PPS I tooootally encourage y’all (sorry it slipped out… not my fault!! Blame my dorm mate…) to celebrate life… technically EVERYDAY…but especially this Saturday =) Spend time with family and friends and just take in the beauty that is this world. Even for a minute. Celebrate being alive. Life is so good to us, and it is sometimes so easy to forget that.