It's Dance Week! What Dances Do You Find to be Beneficial?

This summer I discovered Zumba. It’s a great cardio workout! Helps with stress too. Do you do any dances? Are there any good low impact dances for those times when one has suffered an injury?

Belly dance! It can be slow and sooothing, or fast and energizing. It isolates and tones a lot of muscle groups, and is plain awesome to watch.

I do Balkan, Slavic, Greek, Gypsy and Turkish folk dancing, with a little bit of Scottish and English line dancing thrown in. It can be cardio if you do all the jumps and bounces, or it can be relaxing like a stroll. Women mostly go for the graceful part, and the men are athletic – no one has ever had an injury with it as far as I know, except that when I was losing my brain from high BGs last year, I fell. And still didn’t have any wounds, except to my pride, LOL!

Belly dance. I also do hip hop & step. And as a retired dancer, I have to say, pole dancing is awesome…I was in the best shape of my life when I was dancing professionally =) Psshhhh and the husband refused to let me put in a pole when we had the house built. pout

Hi Aislin,
They do offer belly dancing from time to time at the local gym. Next time I’ll try it out. Thanks Joanne.

The folk dancing sounds great Natalie. I’m not sure that they offer it around here. When I lived in Toronto they used to have an annual event called the “Caravan”. They featured all the food, dances etc. from different countries. There always was a huge waiting line for the Ukranian Pavillion because the dancing was so amazing! It must take years to master those moves. Thanks Joanne

Hi Jeska,
I did try step a long time ago. I loved it. They don’t seem to offer it so much anymore. I’ve never tried hip hop. You are the second one to mention belly dance. I’ll definitely check it out if an instructor comes up here again. I saw the pole dance on Oprah a few years ago…surprised that your hubby didn’t want you to have the pole. :slight_smile:

No problem! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :slight_smile:

Jeska, have you ever heard of Felix Cane? Speaking of “good shape”… wowzers! I bet most body-builders envy her physique! Check out her site!

Well I missed the Greek Festival, because I caught a cold, but my friend picked up my ticket and brought me back some of the food, so it wasn’t a total loss.

The folk dancing we do is not spectacular and athletic – it’s just enough to keep me mentally engaged, and enjoying it. I’m never going to be a marathon runner or a triathlete – it’s enough for me just to get moving, and ENJOY it. When I graduated high school, being a lousy athlete, afraid of balls, and having seen no reduction in my round (but not fat) belly from all those situps, I swore I would never exercise again. High-school PE was so painful both physically and emotionally, that I still consciously remember making that oath. So, for me, any movement is good. It doesn’t matter what you choose, so long as you can find something you enjoy. Yes?

Clogging is my dance of choice.

Jim: I wasn’t sure what clogging was so I just watched a few videos. It’s great! Thanks.