It's going

So things have been going. Hubby and the kids are trying to help out with things. now if i can just get some of the health care professionals to do the same thing. still haven’t seen a specialist about all this. not sure about the diet. so far i seem to doing alright just winging it. my numbers are steadily going down. that’s a good thing. i have lost about 3lbs. i wish i could lose it a bit faster.

feeling a bit down today. i think its because its been grey and gloomy around here the last few days. the sun peeks out for a little bit and then hides again. right now the thunder is so loud. and here comes the rain.

i am very happy that i have joined this site. not many of my friends understands what i am going thru. at least here i know that i am not alone. there is someone out there who has gone thru this as well. that feels good. one of my friends has been talking about taking high frutose corn syrup out of her diet. she is going to ween herself off of it. when she told me that one… i wanted to hit her. there was no weening myself off any of it. oh well.

guess i should get back to my day to day.


It sounds like your hard work is paying off. Have you been able to get some regular exercise in? Maybe just a 15 minute brisk walk every day?

Diets are not much fun, but it’s a good time to try fresh fruit like cherries and strawberries and fresh vegetables. And if you can squeeze some extra fiber (wheat germ maybe) you might find that reduces carb absorption.

Keep it up. I’ll bet you’ll have sunny days ahead.