It's good to have friends with glucose meters

My friends and I had planned a road trip to a quilt store for yesterday, and I had been looking forward to it. I decided to change my infusion set the day before so (hopefully) I would have no problems. I also packed my bag with the usual supplies. I remembered that I had put an extra vial of strips in my usual tote bag a few days ago.
But when I left, I did not take this tote bag!
So, the four of us are driving, we’re hours from my house, and I feel like crap, so of course I want to test my blood. NO strips! I feel so stupid, that I wait until we get to the shop, and quietly ask Carol if I can borrow her meter - "of course, honey"
and the result? 267. my hearts pounding, and I’m itchy, and all the nausea and crap. bolus, bolus.
an hour later, when we go to lunch I start to feel better. I change the thing when I got home.

so it’s another day when the diabetes monster tries to spoil my fun. My new CDE says I think about my diabetes too much, and that I test my blood too often. How can I NOT?

I’m so blessed to have friends, though. Especially friends with diabetes!

So, the new CDE would prefere you ignor that crappy feeling, not test and end up DKA or such? Good golly, how can ya not think about it when everything you do or happens to you can land you in the ER (or worse) if ya don’t?

I’m sorry to hear that D got in the way of a great day :frowning: But I’m definitely with you! I think about my blood sugar 24 hours a day. Others have told me not to. But I figure if I don’t think about it, it will FORCE me too think about it anyway…

don't give up...just do what YOU HAVE TO . never mind the know yourself better than anybody.