It's here!

Purple Pump (Minimed 522) is here. One day early! I showed her to my work friends, who were all surprised at how small she is. Now I’m waiting for the call from the pump coordinator to let me know when the next Foundations class is. I’m impatient. I’m ready to start NOW.
I had the entire box contents spread across my desk when the Director came by to give me a project. My “I rarely do work” cover was temporarily blown. Oh well.

Hoorah! Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Congrats. I know when I got mine I didn’t even wait. My doctor told me to wait until I had met with my pump trainer but within 2 hours of having it I had it hooked up and in. Doctor wasn’t to happy when he found out, but then again I had all my basals and everything figured out before I got the pump. Read anything you can get your hands on it so you are ready when it is finally here.