Its just a drag

Have you ever had one of those days or had a moment where you just dreaded doing anything related to diabetes? Between school and diabetes i don’t know which one is more stressful, and I’m at a stage where I’m still a little embarrassed about having to take shots at school and all. any advice?

I’m a high school teacher and was a type 1 in high school, so I certainly see it from both sides now, but you need to find your own way to be comfortable with your diabetes care at school. The worst part for me in high school was when anyone tried to tell me how I HAD to do it.

My junior year, a student complained that my blood sugar testing in my spanish class before lunch grossed them out and the school nurse asked me to be polite and come to the nurse’s office to do it. I did it for a few days, and then politely refused instead. I was really insulted that someone would bother to complain about MY finger being lanced. And in elementary school, I had always given my own injections, so I refused to keep my insulin and syringes in the nurse’s office, carrying it instead on me in a purse. But I remember having to go in the music teacher’s closet to test everyday in 5th grade. It’s a weird secret life we lead shooting up in closets and bathrooms. :slight_smile:

Having a pump will make things simultaneously easier and harder for you at school. It will be easy to take care of a quick bolus and such, but it will be a pain if you look down and your infusion set fell out in the middle of P.E. and you’ve got to go take care of it - a little more time consuming than an injection (if only by a couple minutes). And for people (especially teachers) who have misconceptions about diabetes, it could make it slightly more visible to them so you may have to field questions. But I know a girl who pumps at the school where I teach and her friends all talk about her blue plastic pancreas. They think it’s the coolest thing. They point at mine and say, hey, my friend has one like that! Using your Ping will be a lot like being allowed to text when everyone else has to put their phone away. :slight_smile: You’ll get a lot of interested parties and will have to decide for yourself how much attention you’re comfortable with.

I really hope you don’t take the road that most of us Type 1s take in high school and college though and slack off. It’s a lot harder to get back to basics after a rough period than it is to just stay vigilant. But you’ve also gotta live life.

thank you soooo much for the advice.