It's my story and i'm sticking to it!

My BS’s have been very good lately. Even through my gallbladder attack they were exceptionally in the normal range. ( and by normal I mean MY normal! LOL)

The only time my levels get high is when I provoke it by haveing 5 cookies instead of three. Or eating those glucose pills like candy… why do they have to make them taste so good?

I love the way they just melt in my mouth, it reminds me of a candy treat we used to get as a kid… I think they were called “lick-a-maid” or something.
its back to the gym for me this week, I have been slacking off due to the gallbladder thing but I think its all good now so I no longer have an excuse.( not that I need one, I do like going just have burnouts sometimes)

Speaking of burnouts…
I think I have had a bit of a D burnout along with Bi polar burnout… oh and lets not forget the bladder infection burnout…Last few days I just wanna sleep so much… I know if I can just get my ■■■ to the gym, I will start to get my energy back.

I would like to be able to go shopping for more than 2 hours without getting low… It annoys my mom to the point where she doesnt want me to go with her anymore! LOL
I always have something in my purse like a glucerna bar, but I just dont feel like pulling it out in the middle of the store and eating it because then I think they might think I stole it or something.

I overheard my Mom talking to my aunt on the phone the otherday, she was bragging to my aunt how well controlled I am and I am diligent about what I eat and I go to the gym and blah blah blah… My aunt would like me to give my uncle a good talking to as he eats whatever he wants and its usually nothing but crap and he is very over weight, on insulin…just overall is not taking care of himself.
The only thing I could possibly say to him… is ask the question…“when have you decided to die?” I think that is an appropriate question, I think it pretty much sums it all up short and sweet,

Anyway, thats my story and I am sticking to it, that is unless any of you have an even more brilliant things I can say to the second most stubborn man in my life, the first being his older brother… my father…LOL