It's official. i'm old. goodbye 20s

I’m no longer allowed to be irresponsible or play video games.

bah Screw that! I’m 30 today…but really i’m just turning 12 and beating the boys in video games.

Hmm, I was supposed to stop playing video games 5 years ago? Oh well…

Happy 30th! Mine was awesome, so it’s as fun as you make it! :wink:

Hey! We have the same birthday =) i’m 21 today! i feel so old =P
Happy Birthday!

Old is relative to how you feel… I’m sure you’re still young enough to play video games and play hopscotch and blow bubbles… We’re as young as we feel! WOOHOO! U go girl! I’m 51 and still can’t believe it. I think my soul is still in it’s early 30s!