Its On the Way...Maybe

The folks at minimed let me know that my pump was shipped out and should be delivered Wednesday. Being the anxious person that I am and knowing that if anything can go wrong it will happen to me, I contacted them to find out if it had been shipped and is scheduled for Wednesday.

Customer service rep gave me a number to call for supply delivery tracking. I called them and she pulled the order to verify it. Um, no, it didn’t go out until late yesterday so you’ll be receiving it on Thursday. Wait a second she tells me, the pump should be there Thursday but the supplies will come later. Won’t that make using the pump without supplies a bit difficult I ask. Yes - I’m sorry. Oh, wait a second, they will come together, but not until Thursday.

I asked for the tracking number and who is shipping it. A couple of minutes later and I’m on the UPS site with tracking number in hand and even more confused. The shipment is due for delivery on Thursday but states that its out for delivery today. I call UPS and reach their automated system that won’t let me ask for anything other than tracking information. I ask for an operator, press 0. Finally I reach a human.

The human tells me that its schedule for delivery on Thursday but…He says ‘That’s strange’. You should receive it today he says. Yippee! Maybe I will.