It's so quiet in the Blogs today

I’ve never seen the Blogs section so quiet in all my ~5 months of haunting this site! What’s up with that? Not a single new blog post up in more than 24 hours!

LOL :-D. Your posts are always enjoyable, Danny. I always look forward to your blog posts.

Looks like there’s a new blog post up just now…but, alas, it’s what I term as “blog spam” and I refuse to read such posts! Blog spam is when members post a few lines of the blog and then throw a link to read the rest of the blog at their own site. I refuse to be baited by such tactics and abhor such posts.

Jim Huck has his own blog site. But he never blog spams! He always puts up his complete post here and never even advertises his other site. But if you go to his other site, it has the exact same posts there, too. Now, there’s a man that I admire for his integrity. I wish other blog spammers would atleast do the courtesy of putting their entire post here and then, if they wanted to, add a note that they have their own blog, too.

Well, I was just coming to Tuville today to post a link to my blog - so give me a few secs - and you’ll see it within the next 1/2 hour. Tho’ not sure if it will show up in the “blog area” - I just post mine on “My Page” - so not sure if doing it this way means it shows up to anyone else that doesn’t visit My Page.

I agree with Judith as well, with the change of seasons, and so much to do outside in prepping for … ugh … winter. I’ve not had much time to sit down here at the keyboard and get my thoughts across. Lots of ideas, but just no time to sit down and let my fingers do the “talking”.


Anna from Montreal - aka Fat Cat Anna at The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

Danny, Danny, Danny - you know we ALLLLLLL love reading what comes out of your mind. I wish I could go to the Blog World Convention this w/e in your neck of the woods - because I’d be calling you up to say - come on out and play!
So, hope you didn’t “delete” that blog to somewhere it can’t be retrieved. Get thy creation out for us all to view. Congrats on your 25 year and 1 day anniversary! One day I’ll have to write up one on my 41 years and fill in blank days - tho’ am sure it would be pretty dull compared to yours .

However, I am not opposed to putting the entire posts to be displayed here and comments asked to be made at the blogger’s own site. That’s acceptable.

I’m in a rant mode. I’m sure quite a few of you will feel otherwise regarding what I call “blog spam”. That’s also perfectly fine.

Anna, I enjoy reading your discussions and your responses in the threads. I look forward to reading your blogs, too.

I agree. =) Especially when they post several in a row, or include big pictures of their nearly naked body. =) Not cool.

Wait Jessica - I only have a picture of a cute slug munching away on a rhubarb leaf in my latest “spam blog” . I know, I know, you didn’t mean my blog specifically - tho’ I haven’t come across a nakid body yet on any of the blogs here yet that you mention about - maybe you mean elsewhere - and not here at Tudiabetes (think admin would wipe that right off the website toot sweet).

I was wondering the same thing this morning as I was going through the blogs, seeking for new posts to feature on the home page…

Ahhh Judith, am blushing here. Well, if you are ever here in Montreal - and it’s not … brrhhh - winter - you are more then welcome to crew with us! BTW, frost warning tonight here in Montreal - all my container plants that weren’t heavy are stuffed in the garage. I am hoping my rose survives, haven’t put that to bed yet, and it’s still got new buds forming!

Having said that… since yesterday was Columbus Day, we saw a drop in traffic coming from the US.

And Thanksgiving Day in Canada …drop in traffic from Cool Canada too ?? …too busy snuggling up to our honey’s ?? …worth thanking them as well :wink:

I have nothing against that (the pictures…not the multiple spam posts)!! I’d love seeing more of those…I’m even willing to click through to their site if it’s ‘blog spam’ :-)…