Its the bird's fault

My son’s take on a scary low…

Last night was a lazy night after a busy week. We were getting ready for some popcorn on the couch and my son was testing his blood in his room. Suddenly I heard a huge crash! I went to see if he was still alive. He swore he was and that he had just tripped–no big deal.

I trusted that all was okay and headed back to the popcorn and a phone call to my mom. As I was on the phone, my son calmly shows me his glucometer…1.3(23). I tried not to panic as I followed him into the kitchen, told him to drink that juice pronto and sit down for heaven sakes!! I ended my call and continued to watch him as he sat in the living room.

“Are you okay? Do you feel that low? Are you sure you are okay? Do you really think you are 1.3 or do you think its meter error? Are you okay?”

“Yes Mom, I am okay. Yes I think I am low but no I don’t feel that low, just low.”

“Do you think that the meter is wrong? Should we check?” I am praying for 15 minutes to pass quickly and am mentally reviewing where all of the glucagon kits are just in case.

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Love that meter reading:) I usually test again when I have lows or highs, but every time the second reading was the same. I’ve not felt horrible low/low, like your son, at 20s & 30’s. It’s variable. The lows that make me feel knuckle walking are those that are rapid drops. The slow descent isn’t as dramatic.

Hi Barb. This is a very funny blog! Once you have a happy ending, that is.

I have only been in the 20s once and that was in first grade at school… i was 21