It's too darn HOT!

Does the heat affect your blood glucose? I notice Noah will be on the low side when it's hot. I was wondering if it's just him, or do other diabetics get this way in the heat?

What do you do to beat the heat? We don't even have air conditioning - well only in the bedrooms but fans everywhere else. I saw something in Real Simple to try and bring some relief. Take a new tube sock, fill it with rice and put it in the freezer for a couple hrs. Then you can drape the cold sock around your neck and cool off .

My great grandmother used to slice off the end of a cucumber and stick it to her forehead to keep her cool while cooking! LOL I have tried that one, and it works !

Even kitty is hot

Lea, I also have more low bloodsugars when it’s really hot. The worst for me is when the heat is a sudden change in the weather. It happens in very cold temps too, but those don’t seem as bad as the heat (maybe cause I’m in Virginia so we have more heat than cold?). My bloodsugars do usually even out once my body adjusts to the heat though, so maybe your son’s will too.

How do I cope?

Right now I’m eyeing the dog’s “Frosty Paws” wondering how many carbs it has, whether she’ll growl if I snatch it from her, if the weather is hiting her harder than me (she’s a husky)?

Forget it she looks like she’ll fight me, instead I’m sitting in front of a fan catching up on office work (I’m on vacation for Pete’s sake).

As for the BS, I honestly don’t know if I can predict it from the weather but like Stacie a sudden change wipes me out in general - so I try to cope by getting out in the AM if possible for a walk, that helps me all day long.

Thanks for the invite.

Hi Y’all:

Come down to South East, GA. The present temperautre is 90 degrees at 2:00 p.m. The humidity is at 61% and the gnat count is “a bunch”. My heat pump is set to 75 degrees and my dogs refuse to stay outside.

Lea: Kitty is adorable. We had a calico for 14 years.

Yikes, Travis, you win!! LOL