It's weird how things work out sometimes

So I forgot to bolus for dinner. Or rather, I was positive I bolused for dinner–I remember putting my BG and carbs into my pump. Only, I must not have pressed ACT the final time, because it’s not there.

“You have a CGM why didn’t you notice this sooner?” you ask. Well, just so happens my sensor randomly died (lost signal) after 6 days. Doing the thing it usually does after 7 days. Only this time, freakishly after 6. About 30 minutes after dinner, so no high BG shown on the CGM.

(Note: I already got the SENSOR END about 3 hours prior and restarted for that one extra day…I do this every time I wear a sensor, so really the 6 day death is not normal for me.)

I eventually notice my sensor, so I go to recharge it. It’s about an hour an a half after dinner. Check my BG. 215. WHAT!? Look at bolus history. Oh, no dinner bolus there.

I just find it extremely silly. I can’t remember the last time I forgot to bolus (…or finish a bolus…lol), if I even ever have. And the one time I do is at a time when my sensor freakishly loses battery after 6 days instead of the normal 7.

Amazing, truly.