IUI Yesterday and the 2ww begins

Trying for baby no. 3. I'm happy with 2, but partner desperately wants another. Yesterday we did IUI, with 2 mature follicles.

I think I'm coming out of honeymoon now. Have been having unusual highs also. Yesterday I corrected too agressively and ended up testing at 47 when I felt wierd. Panicked and took 15 of sugar.

Today no lunch and some nuts and at 128! maybe the progesterone.

Will post the journey here.

With my last successful pregnancy noticed bs raised immediately (but now I know that was from the progesterone - that was my first pregnancy getting on progesterone from IUI on). Dr has got me on mega high progesterone dose so I guess bs is also going to be high.... :(

Hope it works. I hate going through this whole process....

Good luck, Sally!