IV 3000 / Tegaderm / Bard - samples?

Hello, everyone! I have been having bad adhesive reactions with the pod. I have been reading through the forums and think the IV 3000, Tegaderm, or Bard Film could work for me. However, I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product that is not
going to work for me.

Just wondering if anyone would possibly be willing to send me a sample of one of these or know of somewhere I could get a sample?

[ On a side note, I have a box of IV Prep wipes I would be happy to send to someone since they didn’t work for me when my pod was falling off. ]

Thank you so much!

I have some IV 3000 I can send you. Just a warning though, it’s stupidly expensive (at least from the local pharmacy). I’ve found that 3M micropore tape (which is also available for sensitive skin) works better and is WAY cheaper. My daughter has fairly sensitive skin and this tape doesn’t bother her. But, most of the time the pod adhesive doesn’t bother her either, and we use IV prep before putting the pod on. Just sent you a friend request so I can get your mailing info privately.

I am having issues with my cgm for some reason and asked my dr about it. They were able to send me some samples to try. No luck yet but hopefully one of these will work soon…

I could send you a few Tegaderm samples. Send me your info in a private message. And I’m in need of IV prep wipes, actually, if no one else takes them off your hands.

Thank you all for your generosity!

Sayra, that is a good idea to ask my endo about getting some…

Serena and MelissaBL, I will message you with my address.

And MelissaBL, I am happy to send you the IV Prep!

: )

Hi everyone! Just wanted to follow up on this… So far, I tried the IV 3000 and that seems like it would be a good solution (the larger-sized ones), but expensive!

I ordered a box of the Bard wipes since they only cost like $13 and they have been helping a lot, but I am still having lots of drama with my pod.

Anyway, if anyone wants a sample of the Bard wipes, send me a private message with your address and I will send you a few to try! : )