IV prep / Bard protective barrier wipes

I started on the OmniPod about a month ago. I started having an issue with the adhesive and have now started using Bard barrier wipes. I originally was using IV Prep pads but stopped using it when I started using Bard. Of course now the pods are pulling up. I just put on a new pod today and this evening it is already starting to peel. There is no way this one is going to make it the three days.

So my question is, can I use IV Prep and Bard at the same time? And if so does it matter which one you use first?

In advance thank you for any advice or opinions.

Anngelia…I always carry 3M Nexcare tape (buy it at the drug store) with me. If I catch my pod starting to slide off, the tape will hold it until it is time to change it. It might irritate sensitive skin as it can be annoying, but I’ve never lost a pod if I get the tape on in time.

I use neither. So I can’t really speak to any experience with pods and IV Prep or Bard barrier wipes (I used IV prep w/ my minimed infusion sets several years ago, but that was the last time).

I use Skin Tac wipes, which are similar to mastisol, and make it extra tacky. I’d look into something like that if you’re still having peeling problems.

I use Skin Tac, but in SO FLO with the heat and humidity, my pods still slide occasionally.

I use skin prep which is a sensitive skin version of IV prep (according to my pharmacist but I’ve heard other opinions here). I believe the Bard Barrier are to protect your skin from the adhesive while the IV prep is sticky. I would start with the skin protective layer on your skin, then add the sticky layer, then stick the pod on. That’s what would make sense to me.

That is what I did the last time. I started with the Bard wipe then put the IV Prep on then put the pod on top. I did let each one dry before applying the next one.
And the edge where it is now peeling up maybe I didnt get the IV prep on that part. I thought I had covered the whole area but who knows maybe I didnt.
I think I am just going to have to baby it and apply the tape and pray that it holds for a couple more days.

Good luck…doesn’t it kill you to waste pods?

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yes it does kill me to waste a pod. Its not a cheap supply.

I use IV Prep on the skin and then go around the edges of the pod again with it after placement. If I think the area is going to see a lot of perspiration, I add an extra layer of Tegaderm (because that’s the tape I have on hand). But if you can get a hold of it, they sell Hypafix - which is the EXACT same tape already attached to the pod. It is great for increasing the surface area of the tape around the edges so that it holds a bit better. I haven’t used Bard, so I can’t speak to that.

Like Bradford, I can attest to Skin Tac wipes. I find them so effective that it’s too sticky for my taste. I have trouble peeling the pods off 3 days later if I’ve used Skin Tac and it makes my fingers stick to everything I touch.