IV3000 or Other Tapes Causing Post-Insertion Bleeding?

Hi all, quick question about use of IV3000 and other tapes to mount CGM sensor and transmitter. Are you guys using this or any similar tape above, or below, the sensor and transmitter, and are others finding that the tape pulling on the transmitter is either not preventing or occasionally even causes site problems?

I’ve found a few times that I’m bleeding from the sensor insertion site well after the insertion - not as in I bleed at the beginning and keep bleeding, but that I won’t have a bleeder initially, and then moving around, esp. bending or twisting a lot like when I’m showering, will cause it to start bleeding either hours or days later. I’m placing the IV3000 over the top of the inserted sensor and mounted transmitter, and wondering if the tape is actually pulling on the transmitter which is then pulling on the site and causing the bleeding. Any thoughts/experiences anyone may have on this would be much appreciated.

I think they just bleed late sometimes. The one I have inserted now is in my upper behind and isnt in a spot that experiences much movement. However, it didnt bleed immediately, but has since. Seems to happen fairly often to me. The sensor data has been fine when this happens, though. I suppose moving and bending a lot could contribute to later bleeding with or without the tape. I dunno.

I’m glad to read this, esp since I’m experiencing the same phenomenon right now. And my sensor readings, too, seem to be just fine. Anyone talked with Minimed re: this?

Pas moi. I’d be curious to hear what they have to say though. My trainer thought perhaps I should be putting the sensor through/on top of the IV3000, rather than other way around.

I have similar problems with bleeding when I put in a new sensor. It’s a very small seepage. I use an IV3000 as my tape of choice. The blood seepage can go on for several days. I notice this after taking a shower. Although the tape conforms well to the sensor and seals things off, I’ll notice that water has gotten under the tape and results in bleeding. The bleeding does stop after a while but returns when I take a shower the next day. My Minimed rep suggested I rub ice over the spot before inserting the sensor. This seems to help … most of the time. Note that I do not have this problem with the infusion set, which I believe has a smaller needle. Surprisingly enough, this doesn’t interfere with the sensor working. I has, however, resulted in the need to change my shirt.

Interesting! I’ve noticed the same thing re: getting wet under the tape in the shower, and in fact, I’ve noticed bleeding when I was sweating a lot as well (though I wasn’t sure if that might have been moving around too much) - maybe it’s the water! Funnily enough, this didn’t actually occur to me as a potential cause - something to keep in mind.

I have found Hartmann Hydrofilm to be much much better for water resistance then the IV3000.

I do not have problems in shower but swimming etc and the Hydrofilm holds and seals the best so far.

I mount a 1/2 sheet of IV3000 (Small sheets) over the bottom half of the sensor and place a full 4x5 sheet of hydrofilm over the top of the Transmitter and the 1/2 sheet.

This actually allows me to remove the Transmitter for recharging if I extend the days I have the same senor in.