I just recently started using the CGM. When I called to order my supplies Minimed informed me that my insurance doesn’t cover the IV3000™'s. If anyone has some extra boxes lying around that they have no use for I would love to have them. A prescription isn’t required for these so I think it is alright to share unused ones.
Any help would be appreciated!


i’ve had no luck with IV 3000 and suggest Tagederm (which I have tried and found to work well) or OPSITE (which I am working on getting).

OPSITE is the same film dressing that the IV3000 is made from and the same company - Smith and Nephew. The problem I find with the IV3000 is that it is too small -I have to use 2 for a CGM sensor - so I started using Tegaderm 1626W - it it very big and lasts me 6 days without changing.

Didn’t know this. THanks. Have had great results with the Tegaderm I got this past week too. I will give the Flexifix a try next time I order.