I've been a baaaddd girl...Or I've given up?

This is my story…Here goes… I was diagnose with diabetes in my early 30’s after giving birth to my daughter at 30 years old btw she was 10lbs 14ozs at birth. I was weighting around 190s at my 9month of pregnancy. Then about 3 years later that when I got the news. I was weighting around 200 lbs. but before I got pregnant I was weighting around 170lbs. As a child (in the 1960’s) I remember my father’s sister and mother had diabetes. I don’t know what type. Both on insulin, using those metal needles soaking in alcohol. They also had m&m candy and those huge peppermint sticks all over the house. LOL

In 1999 my father was diagnose and 2000 my mother both type 2 in their mid-60. In Sept 2000 my father died of lung cancer. At 77 years old my mother in is kidney failure, she has not decided to go on dialysis. I don’t know if this is from diabetes or not because her brother was on dialysis and he also had kidney transplant also type 2 in his 60’s.

I was introduce to Animas Pump in 2006 the Best thing ever. Now Medtronic 722 with CGM. LOVE IT!!! Up until the beginning last year my A1C has been low 6’s to high 6’s. I was working hard at keeping blood levels low as possible also was losing weight. But then the biggest FUNK came, where I was tired, depress and did not care about diabetes and the compilations of diabetes. I made excuse to my Primary and Endo doctor. I was not testing, eating whatever I want when I wanted it. I ate ice cream like it was not going to be made anymore. Ate McDonalds every other day. I was guessing boluses. So now my A1C is high 7’s to high 8’s and weighting 232 at my last visit to my Primary doctor in March. I had not seen my Endo doctor in 7 months I think, besides he had asked me WHY was I still coming to see him I did tell him I was depress and tried and I didn’t want to take care of my diabetes anymore. He did nothing to help me. This FUNK has lasted 1 year 3 months. What to go now.

Well… I have been behaving… testing 4-6 times a day bolusing correctly, losing weight I’m down to 218lbs since April. I will see my Primary doctor in July.


Is type 2 diabetes hereditary???

Oh, we have all been through this. First, keep in mind that you are now on the right track. We all fall off the D wagon on occasion. That is completely normal! I’ve had T1 since just before the age of 4 and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen off. It’s a hard disease to manage and no one is perfect. Endos can prescribe insulin and measure our A1C, but everything about the disease is really up to us. Sometimes you have to allow yourself to fall off that wagon, be bad, and then get back in again and take control. And that’s exactly what you’re doing now.

Yes, type 2 diabetes does have a hereditary component, but it also worsened by lifestyle choices such as a high-carb diet, lack of exercise, obesity, etc. In addition, certain ethnic groups seem to have a far stronger disposition to developing T2 (people of African or Native American descent in particular), regardless of lifestyle.

Given your history, however, are you definitely sure you’re T2? Have you had your c-peptide checked? Antibodies? I would make sure that you’re not type 1 or LADA. At this point, such a diagnosis would probably not change your treatment (since you’re already on a pump), but it might be good to know.

As for your endo - if you are not feeling supported by your endo, you’ve got two choices.

Choice 1 - you can find a new endo. This can be complicated, especially if you have to deal with insurance issues, but you may feel better having someone in your corner that is supportive and willing to coach you the way you need to be coached.

Choice 2 - you can accept the fact that this is ALL within your control, and then do something about it. I used to always opt for choice #1 when I got where you are. Now, I am trying to opt for choice #2. I’m tired of having to rely on docs to tell me what to do. And I’ve learned that about half the time they are wrong anyway.

At the end of the day, endos really cannot help us the way we can help ourselves. Read every book you can about managing diabetes (my favs are Think Like a Pancreas and Pumping Insulin). Give yourself the education YOU need to manage things. Log your BGs and learn how to adjust your insulin and food accordingly.

Also, while I know not many dieticians are a fan of them, I have had GREAT success reducing the number of carbs I eat each day. I consume about 90-120 per day, and I’m very active. Not only has this helped keep my weight stable, but it has also really reduced the amount of highs and lows I was having and reduced my TDD.

Finally, stalk these listservs frequently. If you’re having a bad day, write a blog post. Or post on the forum. I have learned more from diabetes listservs like this one than I have from all the endos I’ve ever had. There’s nothing like talking to other people WITH diabetes to get the answers your need!!

Thank you!!! For listening and good advice… I’m learning good info from tudiabetes… I will ask my doctors about type 1.5… I’m on this site everyday also, reading on good diabetes stuff…I dont feel alone anymore…lol


Yes! very hereditary, but listen to ‘mybustedpancreas’…good advice. In addition, a health psycholgist can be great resource if you have one at you disposal (lots of places just don’t have them around, but check with your insurance).

I think all that have responded are 100% correct. I have had diabetes for over 25 years and seem to fall off the wagon more often than i would like. It is a very frustrating thing to deal with day in and day out. I am also in Buffalo NY and i think i have tried all of the Endo’s in the area and have also learned i can not rely on them to understand i have to figure it out for myself. I have self taught most of my treatment and do everything via trial and error. Good luck and the most important part is that you get back on the wagon time and time again.