I've been tired for no reason

I have been realy tired lately. I have been going to bed late because its spring break but I've got enough sleep. I just saw my doctor it went well but we didnt talk much about me being tired. If anyone has any idea what it could be please tell me.

How is you blood sugar level doing lately Alyssa? Sometimes fatigue or tiredness is s symptom of high sugar level…

High BG makes me tired, as Teena mentioned. I also feel fatigued right before getting sick. A symptom of low thyroid is lack of energy. Hypothyroidism is common with diabetes, especially in women.

How are your blood sugars? Are you under stress or suffering from depression? Do you snore? Reason why I ask that one is because sleep apnoea makes you tired during the day?

I’m tired all the time, have got hyperparathyroidism, just waiting for an appointment with the surgeon.

I’m ending day 2 on Victoza and I was tired all day too. Numbers were good all day though. Hope I perk up after a good nights sleep. Would hate for that to be a lingering side effect. Can’t get much done being tired all the time.