I've had problems with sugar all my life

I’ve had problems with sugar all my life. Loved the stuff, but didn’t know it was hurting me until I was about 20 years old. I was becoming super hyper and then crashing. I went to the Doctor who did a glucose test and told me to stay away from sugar period. No sweets at all, this was 1983. I followed the Doctors order and did very well.

In 2003 after a routine blood test I was diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes. I was sent to classes about changing my diet and monitoring my blood sugar. I did well for years only a few re-lapse’s. On June 2nd, 2011 I became very ill with appendicitis. My fasting blood sugar was 500, and I had all the symptoms of hyperglycemia. I was flushed out with IV’s to get my blood sugar down before they could operate on me. That was the start of my T2 life. I was drinking two gallons of water a day, and going to the bathroom every two hours day and night. I was extremely tired and grumpy. I knew, but didn’t want to believe it, the appendicitis was the wake up call to get me to realize I was sick and had to start taking better care of myself. My weight was 240, before the symptoms started. After I became sick my weight dropped to 194.

I have always stayed in good shape, running and lifting light weights. It was something I got from being in the Marine Corps. Now I test three times a day and record the data on my I-Pad Diabetic Buddy. My Doctor put me on ACTOPLUS-MET and with my exercise and diet, my blood sugars have returned to normal. My wife Hazel has been using the recipes from Dlife to make great low-carb meals. She has been reading up on Diabetes and has been an Angel to me with her love and support. I am still learning and hope to hear from everybody on Dlife. Thanks for taking the time to hear my story. I leave updates on Twitter and Facebook as well, I hope that everyone will be cured of Diabetes in our lifetime.

Hello Abdul,

Welcome to the DOC (Diabetes online community). It was a pleasure reading your story of survival (there are people who don’t survive from 500)-thanks so much for sharing. I’m glad that you have a supportive wife (it makes a difference). My husband and my mother are my rock. You and your wife are welcome to follow my blog. www.AnAfricanAmericanDiabetic.blogspot.com I’ll follow you on twitter.

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Hi Abdul
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