Ive hit a kink 0_0

I had great sugar levels for a couple of months and now, my sugar is always in the 200’s. I dont eat that much and im not doing anything to cause this, it just seems like my insulin doesnt hit my system, any similar expierences, my mom thinks ive stopped honeymooning.

Have you tried changing your dosing? I go through times when I need more insulin. Yea, the honeymoon could be over–sorry.

I am thinking same as your Mom and Gerri …it maybe the end of the honeymoon …possibly worthwhile discussing with your Health team , how to go about increasing your insulin level …to attain " more " normal blood sugar levels .

Just wondering how old you are? things are always changing with diabetes, and when you are still growing, they will change a lot! It’s not your fault! We are all making adjustments all the time. It’s totally normal. I would make an appointment with your diabetes educator, or endo.

How long has your sugar been in the 200s. I have had this happen twice in the last 6 months, about a week each time. My doc told me that it was because i was fighting a virus/infection.

Apart from that, if you are using a Pen, then the insulin could have gone bad. i.e. out in the sun etc etc. Try changing your pen. Apart from that, like the others mentioned, you could try changing your dose.