I've seen it all! 49 Year Survivor

Hi, I am entering 49 years of surviving Type 1 diabetes!! I’ve seen the technology and treatments change a lot. I recently acquired an Omnipod and am doing really well. I’ve been on a pump for 10 years, starting with the Medtronic Minimed. If you want to ask me any questions about survival, fire away! To date, I have no complications…

Awesome Ellen! I’ve met other diabetics that have had diabetes SIXTY years - and they are alive and kicking without any complications. Shows you that we didn’t do so badly even with some of ways we monitored our diabetes. I wish I’d started on a pump earlier like you did tho’. Got the nerve up a few years ago to at least give a few different companies a try, and ended up plunking cold hard cash down for one (okay - my husbands work insurance paid 80% - but still - big chunk of change compared to MDI costs - but so worth it).

How are you finding the freedom of no tubing? I can’t wait for Omnipod and /or Solo to be approved here in Canada (and the rest of the world). Met one diabetic educator from New Zealand, on both the Omnipod and Dexcom (again - we can’t get it here) - and he told me a few tricks (e.g. he has an endo in the US - tho’ god knows what it costs for the flight/appointment - will have to write to him about that - as he suggested I go this route if I wanted the Omnipod/Dexcom).

Psst, have you joined up to the group yet for PWD (people with diabetes) that have had diabetes more then 20 years (maybe you should start one for 50!). There’s almost 200 of us there.

So, carry on staying healthy!

Anna from Montreal - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

Good for you! You just gave me hope that I will make it that far! I’m a 36 year survivor here too! I got a question is Omipod better than a Medtronic? I’ve been using Medtronic for like 22 years now and was just wondering if I should change and you look like the expert to ask.

To answer your question, is Omnipod better than Medtronic? They both allow BETTER control of your diabetes and health insurance coverage is important. I like the convenience of not having to take my pump off in the shower or the hot tub! Yea…Also, no tubing to worry about getting wrapped in stuff or hanging. So far, so good for its convenience. Also, the PDM display practically gives you an HA1C reading with your average glucose out to 90 days. I like the graphical interface of the PDM–tons of stats. Follow Kris Freeman, type 1 diabetic, who is a contender in the winter Olympics, cross country skiing. He wears an Omnipod. I found out about it from a fellow cyclist/diabetic. He touted the conveniences of it for active athletes with diabetes…I bike long distances, probably what has helped with my control the most.

I have had Type 1 for 53 yrs. but have lost some of my kidney function. Have about 32 % left. Now having problems with Medtronics not helping getting my diabetes in better control because I lost 30 lbs. Trying to learn how to get basal and bolus setting right without a lot of help from Medtronics counselor. Now going to diabetes educator to get dosages set correctly. I am very upset with Medtronics because I was put on hold for 20 minutes when they had recall for infusion sets. I was just trying to order supplies while using Medicare which also annoying because you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get regular supplies that I had before Medicare. Wish I had no complications. The kidney thing scares me. Trying to get blood sugars under control with basal and bolus changes. Glad to see others having diabetes for several years and staying healthy.

Very inspiring! Congratulations…wishing you many more years of good health and showing the “D” who is the boss! :slight_smile:

Hi Ellen, I don’t have any questios because I too have lived 51 years with D. I just want to share my enthusiasm for technology. I too am a pumper, have been for 11 years…boy do I love technology.

Ellen -
First of all, that is wonderful for you! I have had diabetes for 41 years now. IT has been an amazing trip from “peeing in a cup and using a test tube” to today’s wonderful tools! I have worked in the industry for many years and have seen the present, the future and the mistakes (ugh!) first hand. As most know my last few years were with your new pump company. A remarkable little device isn’t it?

Continued success and I hope the OmniPod really makes it even more easier for you!!
best wishes…

Thanks for giving us hope! Heres to many more healthy years! Congrats.